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Indeed a top contender for best universal IEM

A Review On: JVC/Victor FX700

JVC/Victor FX700

Rated # 84 in Universal Fit
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Pros: Details, bass, the whole package

Cons: Isolation, short cord

I've owned these incredible IEM's twice.  The bass and extreme details these beautiful things pick up in music is mind blowing.  I've made comments about these sounding close to my RS2.  The materials and quality is top notch.  It's younger brother, the FX500 was part of my "Got Wood" posse, but was sold because I found the mids lacking.  The FX700 remedies all the deficiencies of the FX500 and takes the bass the FX500 is known for and cleans it up and makes it sound more impacting.  The mids flowed like butter and the micro details, well, has pretty much been summed up at the beginning of my review, and the sound stage is much wider over the FX500.


I would've still owned them if it wasn't for the damn short  cord.  It is indeed tailored to the Japanese market (no pun intended) as on few occasions, the lack of cable length made them get yanked out my ears.  The other is lack of isolation which is partially due to the included tips that never really fit me well.  Small to medium size ear canals should be fine, but the largest size didn't fit well.  However, the sound quality isn't impacted too much, if at all.


These are superb sounding IEM that are better suited to quiet and safe listening environments such as home because of its weight and material would most likely break them should they hit a hard surface. 


In short the FX700 is beautiful in all regards (sound and asthetics)


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