Review: A "Basshead" dream come true

A Review On: JVC Kenwood Victer stereo headphones HA-SZ2000 japan import

JVC Kenwood Victer stereo headphones HA-SZ2000 japan import

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Pros: Bass performance in all manner. (Volume,depth,impact) Price to performance and quality ratio in consumers far for $200

Cons: Shallow cups. Short cord. Heavy.


You get what you see. Nothing extra.




CNT or "Carbon nano tube" diaphrams/drivers were developed by the Chinese (I studied this) and J.V.C was the first to mass produce it in their IEM "FX" Series.



Essentially a 55mm driver dedicated to low frequency . They actually called it a "Subwoofer" (a 30mm driver handles mids and highs)





Full tech explanation here>>>>>>HA-SZ2000   JVC



It's a Double Bass reflex design using the "Kelton Method"




Does this scream audiophile to you so far? It screamed Basshead to me.


Kinda screams this...


Old school 6x9's.......Oh nostalgia. Before dedicated subwoofers were the norm this is how they got low and highs  (Car audio hi-fi ladies and gents) together...they "stacked" em.

Cars allow the space and freedom to divide and conquer the signal drivers but headphones......not much room. 

JVC gets a lot of points for their creativity. This SZ series died a quick death due to many reasons.


1 Maybe the greatest Low frequency response headphone ever mass marketed and produced.......never aimed at the market most likely to eat it up

2 Outside design looks Hi-Fi while the sound signature is not.

3.Limited release and lack of follow up adjustments.

4...sadly the guy that was the genius behind this may be working in SIberia as it was an epic FAIL.




I give this 5 stars because it's bass is unmatched. The impact is superior to a line named Xtreme Xplode (Noooooooow they aimed at the crowd:rolleyes:)....with the 2nd best design.

It responds to eq adjusting unlike any headphone I have held. The response line is a rubber band that will do about anything. 


The BASS...might make you sick. Previous owners might be able to comment on this. If you boost the already dominant bass it can cause a kind of nausea. I saw friends in my car audio days vomit after to long a ride with 2 15" subs slamming into the cars frame.


If someone blows into a large bottle a moment of resonance occurs and you feel it. It's uncomfortable. While your bass is pounding your head a subsonic tone is coming through those 2 tubes and though you cant hear it it is filling your ears and body. It might be in my mind but I don't think so. These cans bass might make you feel ill:confused:











I will update this later.


This is an import series that is apparently discontinued. I would recommend any bassaholic chasing the next big hit to get these before they are no more or go up in price because a niche' market of Bass oriented audiophiles take a shine to it and drive the price up.


Bass volume (exceeds amplification max of a FiiO e12) 1st time experience. That is by far ..nothing did that before and it has a 16 ohm impedance?

Bass Depth (rated down to 4Hz....the first time I never questioned a claim of production beyond the audible range because you can feel it)

Bass Texture (It will do whatever you want it to do from the low end's 'texture" is so smooth it slips down your throat and makes you sick...that sensation anyway)



I will update this review after a while of usage. It has only played with Hip-Hop music. 


Used for extension at high volume:




Used for Bass hit impact:



Used for Bass response (speed)




EDIT: 3/21/14


I ended up changing the pads on these.




This took 2 minutes and changed the mids and highs a lot. Not sure why JVC went with the smaller padding but it was a terrible oversight. 

Bass impact was not altered by the pad change. These came off the 55x of JVC's XX series so I didn't expect bass impact would be diminished. It feels tighter.

These are the hardest bass cans I have ever heard. The Honeymoon fanboy period is over. These are just awesome.


I really wonder how everything else sounds on these. I need some crazy bass in my listening here.
JVC always does bass pretty well. I had the JVC dx700 and that clearly had more bass than the yamaha with alpha pads or anything else i had here. the soundstage was amazing as well. Its just it sounded a bit murky though the timbres were good.
 I need some crazy bass in my listening here.
I still love my 77's for slam but they only play certain kinds of Hip Hop well.  
These cost 200's mind boggling. I paid more for Ultrasone Hfi 580 :(
These hit deeper than anything you have heard over ear. They should, they are designed to... and they do. They hit as hard as the 77's .
So they cost 200... they hit as hard as your ears can safely accept (using an amp) and hit deeper than anything as they were designed too. It's  cups are steel/aluminum it's made for housing all those parts in a secure bunker so it's heavy.
It's a bassheads collectors item. look at that tech, read the specs and get a pair.It plays all Hip Hop songs well even ones that made my 77's balk like 2pac's "Papaz Song"....never heard that on cans play right till last night.
It's 200
It's rare
It has made me smile and laugh more times in 48 hours than any can before. It's a joy...kinda mind blowing the bassheads didn't scoop this? JVC really made a lot of missteps.....none of them are in the cups of these cans. It was it aesthetics and marketing.
J.V.C  got a lifetime fan just for swinging for the fences with this one and hitting a homer that nobody saw.
About the 77's I never say "Buy this"'s a supreme 1 trick pony. Best in class but still limited to head smashing. This plays Marvin Gaye really nice ..(listening to it now)...before I switch back to SLAM mode. 
Price, availability being limited , and your quoted sentence...........nuff said bru. ;)
These cans are a game changer when it comes to bass. You will need to EQ using something like a Fiio E17 as a portal to extract the deep reservoir of bass that exists within these cans, but that's where you will find the bass gold and striking gold is something of a joy to behold.

You may have read views on head-fi from naysayers putting this can down - don't believe a word of it!

These cans in tandem with the likes of a E17 will reveal the face of basshead god - become a disciple and forgive those who trespass or put down this almighty extreme bass headphone and believe the hype - it's the real deal and if you haven't read such before - you read it here first, so stop fooling around and go - get - these - cans - now already!
Can any of you compare these bass wise to the sony mdr950bt? Easily the craziest bass I have ever heard and if these are even better I will **** a brick.