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JVC Kenwood Victer stereo headphones HA-SZ2000 japan import


Pros: Bass performance in all manner. (Volume,depth,impact) Price to performance and quality ratio in consumers favor....by far for $200

Cons: Shallow cups. Short cord. Heavy.


You get what you see. Nothing extra.




CNT or "Carbon nano tube" diaphrams/drivers were developed by the Chinese (I studied this) and J.V.C was the first to mass produce it in their IEM "FX" Series.



Essentially a 55mm driver dedicated to low frequency . They actually called it a "Subwoofer" (a 30mm driver handles mids and highs)





Full tech explanation here>>>>>>HA-SZ2000   JVC



It's a Double Bass reflex design using the "Kelton Method"




Does this scream audiophile to you so far? It screamed Basshead to me.


Kinda screams this...


Old school 6x9's.......Oh nostalgia. Before dedicated subwoofers were the norm this is how they got low and highs  (Car audio hi-fi ladies and gents) together...they "stacked" em.

Cars allow the space and freedom to divide and conquer the signal drivers but headphones......not much room. 

JVC gets a lot of points for their creativity. This SZ series died a quick death due to many reasons.


1 Maybe the greatest Low frequency response headphone ever mass marketed and produced.......never aimed at the market most likely to eat it up

2 Outside design looks Hi-Fi while the sound signature is not.

3.Limited release and lack of follow up adjustments.

4...sadly the guy that was the genius behind this may be working in SIberia as it was an epic FAIL.




I give this 5 stars because it's bass is unmatched. The impact is superior to a line named Xtreme Xplode (Noooooooow they aimed at the crowd:rolleyes:)....with the 2nd best design.

It responds to eq adjusting unlike any headphone I have held. The response line is a rubber band that will do about anything. 


The BASS...might make you sick. Previous owners might be able to comment on this. If you boost the already dominant bass it can cause a kind of nausea. I saw friends in my car audio days vomit after to long a ride with 2 15" subs slamming into the cars frame.


If someone blows into a large bottle a moment of resonance occurs and you feel it. It's uncomfortable. While your bass is pounding your head a subsonic tone is coming through those 2 tubes and though you cant hear it it is filling your ears and body. It might be in my mind but I don't think so. These cans bass might make you feel ill:confused:











I will update this later.


This is an import series that is apparently discontinued. I would recommend any bassaholic chasing the next big hit to get these before they are no more or go up in price because a niche' market of Bass oriented audiophiles take a shine to it and drive the price up.


Bass volume (exceeds amplification max of a FiiO e12) 1st time experience. That is by far ..nothing did that before and it has a 16 ohm impedance?

Bass Depth (rated down to 4Hz....the first time I never questioned a claim of production beyond the audible range because you can feel it)

Bass Texture (It will do whatever you want it to do from the low end side...it's 'texture" is so smooth it slips down your throat and makes you sick...that sensation anyway)



I will update this review after a while of usage. It has only played with Hip-Hop music. 


Used for extension at high volume:




Used for Bass hit impact:



Used for Bass response (speed)




EDIT: 3/21/14


I ended up changing the pads on these.




This took 2 minutes and changed the mids and highs a lot. Not sure why JVC went with the smaller padding but it was a terrible oversight. 

Bass impact was not altered by the pad change. These came off the 55x of JVC's XX series so I didn't expect bass impact would be diminished. It feels tighter.

These are the hardest bass cans I have ever heard. The Honeymoon fanboy period is over. These are just awesome.


Pros: Great bass and club-like atmosphere to the sound. Overall very immersive sound and atmosphere. True party headphones. Very solid build.

Cons: Mids and highs a bit veiled, highs can be grainy. Stock pads not up to scratch, but can be easily replaced.

Here's a mini review for all those who are interested in these headphones but don't listen predominantly/ mostly to hip-hop. This is the first time I'm writing a headphones review, so it might not get as detailed as some of the other ones on this forum, but hopefully it'll give you an idea of the pros and cons of these headphones.


I listen to quite a few different genres, so I thought I'll add my 2c. I got interested in the JVCs because I wanted to add a good bassy headphone to my collection, I have some very good headphones which I thoroughly enjoy, but none of them have that real thumping bass that I want every now and then. I stumbled across this thread, and the curiosity-to-price ration was enough to let the curiosity win and I ordered these from amazon.


Listening setup: At home: Laptop -> Tubemagic D1 dac -> Meier Audio Corda Concerto -> JVC. On the go: ipod -> v-moda Vamp Verza -> JVC.


Comfort and build quality: These are very big and bulky headphones but with a very nice design, very firm, mostly plastic with but of the high quality kind, some metal parts, with a nice mesh padding for the headband. Overall a very well constructed headphones, heavy but to me feel very comfortable on the head, especially with the replacement pads (see next paragraph).


First listen out of the box with stock pads, I was surprised that these sounded quite nice throughout the scale (I was expecting the worst given what I've read about stock pads and the need to burn these in). The stock pads however are too shallow, with not a poor seal. With the stock pads, listening fatigue starts pretty quickly. Once I played around with the pads, the HM5 pads were deemed the best fit (Alpha Pads slightly too big and don't form sufficient isolation, 770 pads too firm for my taste but others use them on the JVCs with good success). 


These headphones are really great at giving you a feel for the bass. I have other headphones in which the bass is very articulate, yet doesn't really kick very strongly. On the ATH-W5000 and the Alessandro Alumod/ MS1000 (modded MS1), the bass is very articulate, but really lacks any true punch. It is like admiring it from a distance. Both of these headphones articulate the highs beautifully, and in that department, the JVC has little to offer. The JVC's still have some sparkle in the highs, but overall, the mids and highs are quite veiled, and a bit grainy. My other dark sounding headphones (Mad Dogs 3.2, HD650) still have clearer highs and mids than the JVC's.


These are definitely dark-sounding headphones. Listening to these headphones really feels like listening to a concert in a club with a really good sound system. The bass is full, rich, and pumping (on properly recorded tracks). The club is dark and smokey, so you can't see the band on stage very clearly, but the sound is very immersive.. and really, who can concentrate on the fine details of the music when you're dancing and having a ball?


The bass... it's fantastic. It gives a new dimension to it, which is often missing in other headphones. On these, I mostly listen to rock, funk, and soul. These headphones are great at revealing good (and bad) music engineering - they can really reveal whether the bass is recorded properly or not. Before getting these, there were some songs/ albums that I was particularly looking forward to listening to - and some of them disappointed, as it was revealed that their bass isn't recorded well enough to produce true punch from these headphones. Some other albums however surprised with the power and quality of their recorded bass.


Here are some examples of rock/ funk tracks which I think bring the best out of these headphones. Please note that, for best impact, listen to a high-quality source rather than the youtube links below, but these would give you a rough idea:


Aerosmith's Living On The Edge has some very good quality bass sound, the drums really kick throughout the whole Get A Grip album. On this song in particular, around the 3:30 mark, there is a real thunderous sound of drums that I always use to test the bass limits of headphones. Some headphones fail miserably at this test - the JVC's are marvelous at this, the whole headphones vibrate and the sound is huge.



Parliament/ Funkadelic are what I listen to more than anything on these headphones, for a complete club-like feeling. My idea of a party, and these are definitely party headphones. This track is also good to showcase that the JVC can even have some nice sparkle on the highs on the right track.



The Black Crowes' Virtue & Vice has very nice thunderous intro, which is another track I use to test bassiness of headphones.



This recording from Humble Pie is just spectacular, and is probably the only track here that sounds better on this particular youtube version than the album version (the album Eat It is quite controvertial due to its sub-par sound recording - which is very unfortunate, as it has some truly great music). Bass player Gregg Ridley is featured here.



The Who - Live At Leeds album. Features perhaps the bass bass/drum duo in classic rock. This album might be my favorite sounding live album, and the bass just sounds truly spectacular with the JVC's. You can just focus on John Entwistle's utter brilliance. 



To conclude, I would definitely recommend these as a special-missions headphones for all people who enjoy some bass every now and again. Personally I disagree that these are strictly for hip-hop, but keep in mind that these will reveal which albums recorded their bass properly and which didn't. I wouldn't recommend them as your only set, but would strongly recommend them as a party headphones for those who, once in a blue moon, have ants in their pants and they need to dance (in the comfort of their homes...)

JVC Kenwood Victer stereo headphones HA-SZ2000 japan import

Old headphone were made difficult [ coexistence of "high-resolution inside loud sound" ] the structure top "realistic heavy low-pitched sound." Having been developed in order to solve this subject is new structure "live beat system." stream Woofer DB (double bass reflex) of the new development *, and high-resolution junior and senior high schools -- combining a sound unit -- realistic heavy low-pitched sound and clear junior and senior high schools -- it is coexistence about sound. Realistic acoustic field space is reproduced.

FeatureOutput sound pressure level:108dB /1mW Reproduction frequency band:4Hz~35 000Hz Impedance:16Ω Accessories:Carrying porch
TitleJVC Kenwood Victer stereo headphones HA-SZ2000 japan import
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement4975769409660
Package Height4.72 inches
Package Length12.01 inches
Package Weight2.46 pounds
Package Width10.28 inches
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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