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quite good for the price

A Review On: JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black)

JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black)

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Pros: cheap, light-weight, portable, good sound

Cons: flimsy, non-robust construction and cord, isolation isn't great

I was looking for a cheap set of closed headphones for use in NYC, walking the streets, riding on the subway, etc. found good reviews of the JVC Flats on various websites and decided, "heck, for $12, why not?".

When I received them, I was first surprised by how small they are, and they seemed a bit flimsy. But what can one expect for this price? And in a way, the small size and light construction contribute to them being extremely light-wight and very portable.

The sound isolation wasn't as good as I was hoping for, but again, what can you expect from small on-ear headphones. You really need circumaural headphones for that.

I also was not overly impressed with the sound quality. At first....They seemed dull and to lack punch, i.e. they sounded like cheap headphones. Just not exciting.

I'm not usually a big believer in the concept of "burn-in", but with time, they do seem to sound better and better. And lately, I have been using them a lot and find that they are able to produce some nice music. And remarkably good sound for their price-point. The sound is clear and pretty well-balanced, with good definition. I also like that when I'm listening to them the music seems to be centered in my brain, which is kind of cool and different from my other headphones.

For my ears, they work best for classical music. Also good for jazz. Not quite as good for rock, but still sound pretty darn good.

I have really come around on these JVC Flats and am now a fan. I am considering buying a couple more pairs just to have them around. They make great headphones for trips, for doing physical stuff, etc.


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