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JVC Marshmallow Review

A Review On: JVC HAFX34V Marshmallow Headphones

JVC HAFX34V Marshmallow Headphones

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Pros: Cheap, decent sound for the price and a noticeable improvement over Apple Stock earbuds

Cons: Sound is very laid back, almost lethargic, not the best-fitting IEM's I've tried

First Impressions: I actually picked these up for my youngest sister, who couldn't stand the fit and sound of the Apple iPod Stock Earbuds. I was looking for value more than sound quality, and out of the box these seemed to deliver that.

Sound Quality: There's nothing particularly special here, but nothing too off-putting either. I found the overall sound signature to be dull--almost lethargic in quality, similar to the Bose IEM's but lacking the huge midbass hump and with slightly more forward highs and more recessed mids. I haven't listened to them very recently, but I don't remember anything particularly mentionable about the soundstage and imaging. With some equalization, I was able to get a more energetic signature out of these (unfortunately, the iPod Touch does not allow custom equalizer settings).

Build Quality: They feel like what I paid for them. They don't seem like they'll fall apart, but we're talking plastic and average cords.

Fit, seal and isolation: It might just be me and the fact that only 2 different kinds of tips were included, but I didn't really like the fit of these. While they were light and comfortable, they didn't feel secure. Isolation was great though, so if you listen to music during a noisy commute, these are a plus. Although almost too good--I fear that it's easy to lose focus of your surroundings while wearing these.

Overall: My younger sister was happy with them and they were only $20. I'm not particularly impressed, but I'm definitely not disappointed.


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