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JVC HA-S600 Reviews


JVC HA-S600 Lightweight Headphones Review


Pros: Great Sound for a budget price

Cons: Lacking of accesories (i.e Carrying case, 1/4 jack converter etc.)

I got this headphones for CAD $59.99 at FutureShop. I bought this because I want a lightweight headphones that I could wear for a long period of time without making my ears/head hurts because I don't like wearing my Shure DJ headphones in public or in a long periods of time as it gets hot and uncomfortable. This headphones sounds really great for its price. I know, the sound is not as good as my Shure SRH750DJ which cost $200+. But hey!, you can compare this JVC headphones to those $100+ headphones!     PROS: 1. VERY Comfortable and lightweight. Well, this is why I bought this Headphones in the first place. I have a big head and this just fits like a glove!   ...
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Great Budget Cans


Pros: Good bass, nice warm sound, lightweight, very comfortable, responds great to an EQ

Cons: a little creaky, gets hot, lack of clarity

thin cable, i've had no problems with it after half a year though, and while a little muddy, you can easily clean up the sound with an eq - it does get hot after a while though. 

JVC HA-s600


Pros: comfort, style, portability, bass

Cons: fingerprints, thin cable, bass can overpower

For $30, these are easily the best cans you can get, that's right, I'm calling out the htf600's.   Sound- these cans are going for the sound most consumers want, bass, and a lot of it, they are headphones for bass junkies, but the mids and highs do not lack in any way. so you won't be listening to jazz, classical, or country with these cans, but for rock, hiphop/rap, and dubstep these will blow away anything for the price,(even htf600's) as for bass, it can beat anything under $100 and yes, they are obviously better than beats, and will provide thumpy bass, but not quite as overpowering as them and much clearer mids and highs. These can easily be driven by an mp3 player. ...
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JVC SA-H600 Lightweight Over Ear


Pros: Great sound and quality for the price

Cons: Not much.

Beats out the Bose Triport, the HD 202 and HD 435s, the AT M35. Just try it and see. Extremely comfortable (I wear mine while commuting and studying, for about 5+ hours a day). Bought because I needed commuting headphones (sound isolating was key) on a budget, without sacrificing sound quality. The mids are smooth and solid, the bass is punchy and tight, and the highs are clear and just marvellous. All in all a great buy. If you are a student on a budget and need headphones for mixing, listening to on the subway, or what-have-you, buy these. They're honestly amazing for the price.

A nice warm headphone


Pros: Good bass. Good build quality

Cons: Slightly treble deficient. Slightly lacking in detail . Thin cord. Plug is straight and not a right angle one. Needs very extensive burn in.

After being so pleasantly surprised by the $9 HA-S160, I was so curious to hear if this is better. Is it better? It has better bass than the HA-S160, but worse treble.  The midrange(including vocals) also sounds slightly recessed on this when compared to the HAS160. The bass sounds slightly exaggerated though, and not natural like it sounds on the HAS160. Overall I like the HAS160 better since it is better balanced.     PS. After a few more weeks of burn in the treble and detail have improved a bit more, while the bass has decreased. The bass is still slightly above normal, but not in as much excess as it was. The headphone is starting to sound much...
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Pros: price, ability

Cons: no cable control

These were recently reduced in price at comet (uk) and after comparing them against sony, denon and others these were easily the best sound and comfort for price. The other brands were slightly more but came worse off in my review. Great for cutting outside noise and cost 25 quid
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