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Pros: Great Bass, Soundstage, Cable

Cons: Ergonomics, Size, Slightly Source Dependent

Let gets started a little background i have tried over 20 dedicated bass head iem's ranging from the well know Future Sonic Atrios to the lesser priced Skull candy 50/50. I know hardly should be able to compare the two but everyone's journey starts somewhere. Anyway it has to be said these are the best bass heavy iem i have heard to date hopefully this review will shed some light on why so lets get in to it. 


For arguments sake we will start with my main gripes to get them out of the way:



These have to be one of the most uncomfortable earphones without the correct tips, in fact i was about to dispose of them had it of not been for some comply tips i had lying around. I would encourage you to purchase these separately if looking to purchase these as its almost essential to enjoy them fully. Without the comply's installed i tried various tips from specialized tips such as the ear ports to bi flanges and triple flanges. ( Side note i spoke to the product manger of JVC based in the U.K and this information was taken on board :so for U.K users we may see a set included in future sets so fingers crossed) However with comply's installed fit isn't uncomfortable in fact they fit quite snugly seal is great and this does effect audio reproduction as we all know. 



ok admittedly these do look ridiculous sticking out your ear they could have been better designed ergonomically. Although this is something that can easily overlooked when listening to them so i will leave this section as short as possible. Just to add the wires don't ever seem to tangle my earphone are always looked after inside a tin which can cause tangle issues but these happen to be ready to use every time so truly impressed.




It's fine but it doesn't block things out as much as others for example fischer audio eterna do a better job but its understandable considering the design. It's not a big issue unless you want to use them in the subway or a noisy area and once again i must add comply do a great job of boosting isolation but if you do chose silicone don't expect anything to substantial.


Now to the important bit how do these sound. 


Main source used Asus laptop K55V >  Gold / Silver Mundorf Interconnect > Neco V4 ( AD8065 ) 


Highs - Ok one thing that did catch me off guard was how well these earphones handle treble, detail and timber are top notch far more pronounced than the Atrios partially due to the difference in sound signature .There is a nice amount of air between each instrument and the treble never really becomes harsh i haven't noticed them being sibilant. In tracks with stringed instruments timber is conveyed very well natural and an added bit of sparkle, its quite beautiful to hear considering most bass heavy iem's usually go one of two ways dark or overly bright due to a v shape frequency.  


Mids -  Detailed and informative can lack full emotion on certain tracks but overall there is a great sense of balance as another reviewer previously noted there almost on eye level with the highs. There doesn't seem to be much coloration to the sound just personal preference i would like the mids slightly more forward, but then you would be changing the dynamic of how this beast works. Overall the mids are great far from recessed but not center stage by any means at least to my ear.


Bass - I am bass hear me roar lol. That isn't to say the bass messes or interferes with the rest of the spectrum however these do have a dedicated sub woofer so....  Admittedly i was initially disappointed with the overall quality even my silver bullets did a better job of producing deep bass. But this is where a bit of persistence was needed i would like to add before writing these things off make sure that they are burnt in and you have a good seal ! So with this in mind things have changed before these factors were added the bass was distorted and muddy, now however it has become a different story suddenly the bass has become deep controlled and incredibly addictive to listen to. I would love to add more to this section but i will say this in closing if you are after the best iem for bass in particular and overall sound quality i have yet to find an iem i would pick over them..


Soundstage - The soundstage is quite interesting i haven't really heard anything quite like it. In essence it reminds me slightly of the UE triple fi 10vi except not as wide but with more depth. I suppose having three drivers helps add to the effect it's quite three dimensional.


Overall if you are after a great bass head iem grab them without hesitation and a pair of complys :). I must add although not needed an amp is vital in bringing these beasts to life and seeing them shine in there full potential will require a fairly decent amp. In fact a brilliant combo is the dragonfly dac which i had the privilege of demoing the synergy was great really tighten up the whole sound anyway hope you enjoyed my first review. ( I'm not an audiophile just love earphones and music and sound is subjective just a thing to bare in mind and thanks again ) 


Nice one dnun. I, among many others, am a fellow bass head however I need that fidelity with it. IOW, high end sound quality with deep, tight, thumpin bass. My atrios & ie80 do a fine job for their price bracket and these sound like a worthy contender so thanks for the heads up. I just might have to try them.
Also, have you heard the ie8/ie80's & if so, how do they compare? 
Cheers mate
Hey customNuts i have but it was only for a brief period of time it wouldn't be entirely fair to comment on them. But from memory the ie80/ie8 were actually brighter and had less air between the instruments,although the fxz's have a fairly substantal bass boost especial with the wrong or right set up lol. I would say overall they do offer a more balanced sound , better instrument seperation and more realistic timbre. If you go ahead and purchase don't wright them off straight the way as burn in is crucial for these along with a bit of experimenting :) any more questions feel free to ask 
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