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JVC HA-FXZ200 Reviews


The FXZ200 - Where Bassy and Audiophile Earphones Meet


Pros: Good bass presence that does not overwhelm, balanced and friendly sound signature, gentle treble, good build quality, Isolation, comfort

Cons: Thick and stiff cable, the gaudy "Livebeat" plastic in the center of the cable, oversized, needs JVC's Spiral-dots tips for better fit.

Introduction JVC is a company of inventors. They are well known for unique audio technologies like a speaker made of carbon  implemented on JVC HA-FXC51 and the first vertical dual-dynamic drivers planted on the HA-FXT90, which I happen to own. I love the FXT90 for its aggressive and upfront sound. However at the same the FXT90 can be fatiguing after a while and I wished the FXT90 successor could be smoother and pump more bass. Then enter the FXZ100/200, the world's first TRIPLE dynamic drivers earphone. It is basically an FXT90 hooked with a third driver, a kelton sub-woofer, in the rear.  Its initial release shook up the audio community back in 2013; however now, no one has really...
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Night Crawler

Preliminary FXZ200 Impressions


Pros: Alas! A basshead's IEM, brought justice!

Cons: Yet another Frankenstein-esque design, which I can live with, but can't say I prefer to.

Disclaimer #1: In my experience, I've come to discover that the term basshead is tossed around very loosely, and (more often than not) carries a negative connotation, when that need not be the case. Where I'm concerned, such terms must be put into context. As I've used it here, the term basshead merely implies a listener who admires (and/or maybe even prefers) a moderate to heavy bass lift. That, of course, says absolutely nothing about the quality of bass, as some of us are far more concerned with quality than others. I believe it's no mystery then, when I've made it clear that the FXZ200 is, in my honest opinion, a basshead's IEM done right!   Disclaimer #2: While this is hardly a...
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They sound like floor speakers, not a 2.1 system


Pros: High tech, unique, build quality, even handed sound.

Cons: Hard to drive properly, heavy and awkward, no real magic.

      I am glad I got these, but I was reading a hype train from 2012. These are two micro drivers and a sub; sounds good, right? But good is not good enough. Especially at these prices and the amazing competition currently out there. They don't stay in my ears easily without a shirt clip. The Y junction is heavy for an iem. I have better sounding JVC iem for less money, but less comfortable.(HA-FXT200ltd) They can handle a lot of sub sonic signal without distorting. The mids and highs seem separated and unaffected by each other or the Kelvin sub out back.      In closing, if you want to cut 6th period and smoke a fatty at your friends house and listen to...
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Fantastic IEM


Pros: Great fit (with sony hybrid tips)..Rich, deep bass...excellent clarity across the board

Cons: A bit big

I absolutely love these. They sound phenomenal. I recently got the m40x, and was a little scared that it might make me frown at the JVCs....but I'm happy to say that the m40x for home use, and the JVCs for travel is an awesome pairing. Bass is deeper with the buds, but the clarity that I enjoy with the m40x is definitely present and I enjoy both equally for the intended purposes.    One thing to note, the deep bass and comfy fit really becomes evident when I swapped the stock tips for the Sony hybrids. 



Pros: Great Bass, Soundstage, Cable

Cons: Ergonomics, Size, Slightly Source Dependent

Let gets started a little background i have tried over 20 dedicated bass head iem's ranging from the well know Future Sonic Atrios to the lesser priced Skull candy 50/50. I know hardly should be able to compare the two but everyone's journey starts somewhere. Anyway it has to be said these are the best bass heavy iem i have heard to date hopefully this review will shed some light on why so lets get in to it.    For arguments sake we will start with my main gripes to get them out of the way:   COMFORT: These have to be one of the most uncomfortable earphones without the correct tips, in fact i was about to dispose of them had it of not been for some...
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