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Great Addition to the Portable Setup

A Review On: JVC HA-FXT90


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Pros: Fun signature, value, design, style

Cons: Microphonics, fit

The 90s have taken a while to grow on me. I found a deal for the L2s (champagne accents and cable) on AMZ Warehouse and pulled the trigger after becoming interested in JVC's dual-driver design.


Out of the package I was less than impressed. Granted I was coming from the GR07s, I still wasn't exactly thrilled with the sounds these produced both unamped and through my cMoy. They were the most microphonic thing I've ever used and other than a solid bass presence and surprisingly detailed highs (but not particularly extensive), they weren't anything to write home about. 


So I let em burn. (in)


Whether burn-in is a psychological or physical phenomenon is up to you but I have noticed enough of a difference to overturn my initial impressions completely. I hear a little more bass extension, especially on the upright Bill Evans Trio, the trebs and mids seem to be clearer, and well, the microphonics aren't going to be cured by burn-in but wearing them over ear is actually quite easy and microphonic-free. 


These guys regularly compete with the GR07s for iPod play time and they are a wonderful complement to the more analytical sound of the VSonics.


If you want a unique set of IEMs that won't break the bank I would strongly suggest you look at the FXT90s.


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