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Great Earphones

A Review On: JVC HA-FXT90


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Pros: Sound, price

Cons: Comfort, isolation

These earphones were a pleasant surprise, I wasn't sure what to expect but these sound absolutely amazing.

The bass at first was a little light but it seems over time that it has improved and I also use my small, cheap fii0 E5 amp and that seems to improve it somewhat.


These have a very good, balanced sound and are brighter than any of my previous sets, but I actually like that.... at first it was odd getting used to it but over time I am enjoying the brightness and clarity much more than I thought I would.


These are a fun earphone but also sound fantastic and separation is good and these have done just about every genre of music I've listened to, justice.



This isn't really a review, just a few thoughts on these excellent earphones.



So a 4/5 or 8/10.


You are telling that earphones are excellent however your rank them at 3,5/5. Something isn't right.
Well they sound excellent and for the price you can't go wrong, it's the equivalent of 7/10 which is a good score I think.
I LOVE them, truly I do... but I'm trying to be objective and honest.
They're not 10/10 at all, but these are by far the best earphones I've ever heard.
But they're not the best that money can buy and they're not 5* earphones.
To me 7/10 is just mediocore, no excellent :) Excellent is 9.5/10 10/10. Everyone has their own scale of score.
Well mediocre means average or not very good.
So a mediocre earphones score would be anything from 3-5
I think the sound of these earphones is amazing, personally for me they don't have enough bass, they aren't the most comfortable earphones to wear and they don't isolate particularly well.
Other may disagree and they can rate the earphones accordingly.
For sound these are excellent.
Not much else on them is excellent which is why the score is 3.5 out of 5.
I would like to give them 8 (maybe 9) just on sound alone because that's really what we want in an earphone, but there are comfort and isolation issues which have to be factored in.
I think my score is fair if a little harsh, but all I wanted to do was say I like it.
I saw 2 negative scores and wanted to add a positive score but it seemed the only way to add that was doing a "Review" which I didn't want to do.
Maybe an 8/10 then. 7/5 means they're okay, IMO.
Yes and 8 would probably be fairer and perhaps even more accurate... sound alone would definitely equate an 8 - 8.5
But as I said, it's not just about sound.... many other things are factored in and I have tried to be objective, things like comfort after prolonged use and isolation have to be factored in.
Sound and value... 8-8.5 out of 10
Comfort 6 out of 10
Isolation 6 out of 10
I would say a 7 - 7.5 is a fair score.
Anyone else is free to rate them however they please.
Have decided to up the score to 4 out of 5 based purely on the sound, these sound excellent.
But please heed the warnings of isolation and comfort.
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