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Pros: Metal Construction, Look nice

Cons: Shallow sound, Bounce up and down in ear when walking

I spent about 20 bucks on these earphones. That said, I wasn't expecting a lot from them.

The overall appearance is nice. The all metal design will appeal to some people. But the design is where the biggest flaw hides. The earbuds stick straight into the ear. When you walk they bounce up and down. This creates a wobbly sound. I am using the largest cushions that came with the phones. They provide decent isolation, but are just not stable.

I would invest more in these phones, but the overall sound of pretty flat. They lack a serious amount of depth. If you are listening to podcasts or books on tape, they are fine, but they are pretty much unsuitable for music IMHO.

These are my first JVC phones. I don't think that I will be in a hurry to buy another pair, but I am not turned off the brand entirely. The overall build quality makes up for the shortcomings in the sound department.


Again, for 20 bucks, I don't feel ripped off, but for the same amount of money, I think that the Sony mdr-ex15lp or mdr-ex110ap offer better cost performance.


Fixed directly to the driver unit to the tip of the enclosure to improve the acoustic characteristics. JVC HA-FXD60-W

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