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Pros: Excellent bass, audio quality is surprisingly very good, best bang for your buck.

Cons: Very thin cable, cable catches movement noises, no EQ means some piercing highs.

I purchased these headphones because some other Head-Fi-ers recommended them to me. And the community is now 2 for 2 in recommendations for me! These are some pretty serious little earbuds. They pack quite a hefty punch, especially for the price, just 17 bucks! I have owned several full size, bass heavy headphones, and these can stand up with the best of them. Honestly, they sound just as good as my Numark Red Waves, both in sound quality and bass. However, if you want these to truly come alive, you will need a good equalizer. For the iPod Touch/ iPhone, use Dance or Bass Booster. My ASUS equalizer has made these things sound the best so far. Also, like most in ears, the cables catch quite a bit of movement noise (heavy breathing and when it slides across skin or clothing.) But, other than that, they are very comfortable. They look unlike any other earbuds out there. I'm sure there are a few, but I don't see them. Back to sound, if you like dubstep/ electronic, buy these. They even sound good when listening to jazz. These have blown my mind. And again, under 20 bucks!

Conclusion: If you are on the fence, I want to push you over. It's better on this side of the fence. If you want good sound quality, with booming bass, these are what you NEED to buy. Honestly, you won't regret it.


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