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Strange sonic signature

A Review On: JVC HA-DX1000


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Pros: Comfortable, smooth mids

Cons: Strangely distant treble

I finally got to test a pair of DX1000 against the Denon AH-D7000, and right off the bat, the treble just sounded odd--it's kind of distant and muffled, but still articulate--as if the treble existed in a different plane of space. The sub-bass wasn't as extended as the D7000, with 30Hz being rolled off--in fact the right driver started buzzing at 45Hz and lower (D7000's 30Hz remains just as prominent as the other bass frequencies, with no sign of roll-off, and no sign of distortion). My M50's 30Hz is also struggling a bit, with a little bit of distortion, but seems better than the DX1000. Even if the DX1000's right driver wasn't misbehaving at sub-bass frequencies, the 30Hz area was roll-off anyways.The mids were fine and I liked it--it's natural and soothing, but strangely enough the upper mids/lower treble was slightly sibilant and sharp, which made the distant treble stood out more. Comfort wise I liked it a lot too--nothing to complain about. It's more snug than the D7000, which isn't good or bad--just depends on taste. Some people like the feeling of snug pillows around the ears, and some like a barely there light clamp. If I had to choose I'd choose D7000. The DX1000's treble was just too weird and its bass not as extended as the D7000, although the mids are better.


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