Muddy and no details. There are better choices for the same price.

A Review On: JVC Full-Size Headphones - Model HA-RX700 Wired Headphones

JVC Full-Size Headphones - Model HA-RX700 Wired Headphones

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Pros: Cable on single side. Nice build quality. Good noice isolation.

Cons: Mids muddy, lacking lower highs. Heavy.

My  Panasonic RP-HTF600E has broken and i wanted to replace them.


After reading numerous reviews about these JVC RX700, i decided to give a try.

And... i was very dissapointed.

Sound is muddy, because of lacking upper middles. Sound details are lost in bass... 

They can't stand close to panasonics HTF600 in detail and bass controling.


Things didn't get better even after 60 hours burnout.


Cannot listen music with them now - decided to "glue and tape" old Panasonic cans.


Only good thing these JVC cans have - good outside noise isolation. 


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