Absolutely amazing headphones for the price

A Review On: JVC Full-Size Headphones - Model HA-RX700 Wired Headphones

JVC Full-Size Headphones - Model HA-RX700 Wired Headphones

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Pros: bass, comfortable, great value, great entry headphones

Cons: really big

Me: music lover, budget audiophile

These are my second pair of grown up headphones. The first were Bose( I know) triport over ear headphones

laptop>fiio e7>JVC HA-RX700

I was looking for some over-ear, closed headphones under $50 and after reading tons of great reviews on these, I decided to purchase them even though they are semi-open. Like others will say, you can't have a pair of headphones that is perfect for everything. These work great for many types of types of music but the kind that shines the most is EDM! The bass isn't overwhelming, the highs and mids sound great.

They sound great out of the box and even better with an amp. Even better after burn in! 

Get these if you want great sound on a budget.

Don't get these if:

you want closed headphones. These are semi-open

you don't want to wear huge headphones