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Impressions of JH5

A Review On: JH Audio JH5 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

JH Audio JH5 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

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Vitor Valeri
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Pros: Soundstage is huge, have a very balanced and detailed sound. Have a excellent fit, isolation and comfort.

Cons: None



I decided to buy the CIEM JH5 when I talked to my friend who has the CIEM JH5, JH13 and JH10x3 and he told me that he most CIEM hear is JH5 because it does not show either the "defects" of the music of poor quality or unrecorded and hence to casually listen for hours. How would I already spend good money and did not want to disappoint me made ​​the choice so that my more experienced friend gave me, buy JH5. 




Physical aspects 


From the pictures I saw on the internet, I thinking that earphone would be big, but I was wrong! It's too small!


Although many criticize finishing of the JH Audio in CIEM, I liked it. I thought well polished acrylic however not happy with the impression art in the earphone, I found a somewhat checkered. 


The cable gave me the impression of being tough (and is thicker than the earphones I've ever utilized) and malleable. Liked his looks not generate microphony 


In the first two weeks or not at all, the earphone bother leaving a little sore ear after auditions  After that time, the earphone was very comfortable and I felt no more he was in my ear, though it is made ​​of a hard acrylic.


The earphone is able to generate a very good insulation, so that I did not hear any external noise when I'm on a bus with the volume on my MP3 Player at 30% (Cowon J3).




The Sound


I was impressed with the sound the first time I heard. The first thing I noticed was the sound stage that really differentiates itself from universal earphones, the sound extends far beyond. Of course it does not get to be a headphone but the sound comes out a bit of the head (a characteristic that the universal in-ear that I had not experienced). With this positioning of the instruments was very good, could easily perceive each instrument of music, although only having 2 BA CIEM (of course if you compare to a JH13, we will have much more than that, but that's what I realized with respect to my old earphone Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10) 


The bass generated by JH5 is detailed, deep and full but it does not have much punch, does not have the weight I wanted (the best bass I've ever heard it was A demo version of Merlin). With an amp the situation has improved somewhat however gets tiring to hear after a while.


The mids are crisp and defined, however missed warmth on them for some reason unknown to me.


The treble is very good, has a good extension, are clear, however wish they were a little bit brighter. They got a little brighter with a amp.


Did not have specific styles that I liked to hear more in JH5. He, to me, played nicely in all styles, is a very versatile earphone.






For those who want portability, sound quality, extreme comfort and noise isolation, is the best value that exists.













Wow. Much review. Many information. Much interesting.
@AmberOzL Sorry. I know that what I wrote is not a review, it has almost no information. I did just to test (had never done any review here in the forum) but I promise I'll edit the text and write a real review. PS: sorry for my bad english.
@AmberOzL Done. I tried to write and express the maximum I can. Perhaps, with time, I rephrase, but for now this is it.
Hey nice review, and where's the portuguese version? haha :D
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