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JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors Reviews

Positive Reviews

Stephen L

Astounding Frequency Response


Pros: Highly detailed, well controlled bass, good tonal balance

Cons: Cost, comes in two versions (coupled with JH's own amp)

Paid about US$1200, including custom fit, and am overseas.   A very highly detailed and balanced IEM. I have an iPod only filled with audiophile grade music. Put in anything else, and you hear warts and all of lesser recordings. I use this with my portable set up, which is played through the CypherLabs DAC and the Go-Vibe Porta Tube amplifier. Cables are ALO but I really did not notice any difference with any good quality cable used.   One criticism I often read seems to centre on the bass heavy skew in terms of tonal balance. I have a different opinion on this. I have played the electric bass guitar for many years, in live sessions as well as in the studio,...
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The Benchmark to which all other custom IEM should be compared


Pros: Impressive sound for the price, reduces my need for a $5,000 Stax SR-009

Cons: Is too much isolation a real problem? No mic on the headphone cable for iPhone.

  I have to say the JH16Pro Freq-phase are outstanding.  < That's the short version for those who would post TL:DNR (too long : did not read).  Take advantage of the 15% off pre-Xmas sale NOW!   Associated Gear:  My impressions are with my iPad 3 using lossless music and Pico Slim with TWag LOD, as well as with CCK and Pico DAC, and also right from the headphone jack of the iPad 3, iPad mini, and iPhone 5.   Photos:  To follow soon, as I am having artwork added to them now.   Music Used:  To follow soon, as the list is quite long.   Build and Fit:  I originally wanted them in clear acrylic like my...
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Negative Reviews


Do not buy JH Audio IEMs


Pros: Decent sound

Cons: JH Audio cannot make IEMs that fit

I orederd a pair of JH 16Pro IEMs in May. It is now June 15th. Since ordering the first pair, I have returned at my cost of $21.15 each time, the IEMs three times. Each time, Caleb Ellis, who manages the department that makes the IEMs, said he could not explain what had happened.   The left IEM of the first pair fitted perfectly with the impressions I paid an audiologist $100 to make and send to JH Audio in Florida.  The right one was painful. I called to complain and was told by Caleb, to return them to JH Audio at my expense, which I did.   Ten day later, they arrived again. This time, not only did the right one fall out of my ear...
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Xu Tianyi

Very disappointed!! worst customer service I've ever experienced


Pros: design

Cons: quality, customer service

i own both westone es 5 and jh 16. i have to say westone offers much better quality, comfort and service. the socket on jh16 broken twice within last year. had to sent it back twice for repair and wasted almost 200$,  their customer service is very unprofessional!! give it a try if you don't believe followed up several times on status, got a reply a week later and told me she was on vacation (no auto-reply), asked for repair cost and another week of waiting.    their CSR seems to be so proud of their product and don't even know how to care or respect customers' feeling. They probably did a good job on marketing and Artists relationship, but not regular customer and...
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More Reviews


Incredible IEMs


Pros: The bass is so full bodied! The mid and highs are just as decadent! Fantastic Fit

Cons: zero

I've had UE11s for the past 8 years and I finally made the jump to JH16. They are worth every penny. The bass is light years ahead of UE11s and just so much more full-bodied and multi-layered - like biting into a hearty piece of finely aged steak! The bass never indecorously encroaches upon the decadent mids and highs, which are just delicious. Absolutely the best IEM on the market today for the price and for the casual listening. The fit is spot on and the acrylic feels so much more stout and denser than whatever material my UE11s were made out of. These IEMs are simply a triumph and the soundstage from them are just MEGA! I am rediscovering all my favorite songs, immersing myself in...
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A Perfect Blend of Hifi Clarity and Fun


Pros: Dynamics, Bass, Forward Mids, Gentle Highs

Cons: Price, lack of dark background

     JH16Pro Freqphase Custom In Ear Monitor 8 driver, triple bore design 10hz - 20 kHz Impedance: 18 Ohms $1149    I once met Jerry about 10 years ago when he was still with Ultimate Ears.  At the time, I had no idea this man would eventually design one of the coolest, most shockingly yummy and satisfying headphone experiences ever.  Sonic Gold, my friends.  Sonic Gold, indeed.  I don't want to bore you with information in the beginning of this thread, so I will start off with the Conclusion first.  You can read the details afterward.  That is just how I roll...#likeaboss       The After  ...
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Just took possession - and they are just incredible!


Pros: Lots of detail with a wonderful transparent soundstage - with great slam on the bass.

Damn - I wish I had bought these IEMs years ago.  This is just an unbelievable improvement in comparison with my UE 10 - which were breathtaking in 1996.  The JH16 just explode with attack and bass slam - but are just terrific across the entire sound spectrum.  It's like having a portable $50K stereo in your pocket. 

Not bad at all


Pros: Very accurate and revealing, insane bass ability

Cons: will amplify any bad sources to the point of insanity

Perfect fit first try, using a closed mouth ear impression.  Funny thing is that this thing hits my ear bones.  For some reason, my ear canal is not soft tissue, it's hard bone.  I can't even wiggle it, it stays in place, and I may even break it with my ear canal if i press hard against it.  If it were any bigger or smaller, it would not of fit.  The wierd thing is that the seal stays even when I talk, or make facial contortions.    Anyway, when I first got them, I tried to listen to them, too warm.  Oh gosh the music is just insanely warm.  I switched out to silver cables, and it got a bit brighter, a bit more tolerable but still...
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JH16 PRO Freqphased Awesome Customs with incredible Bass response!


Pros: Superior bass response, superb clarity & amazing soundstage! Looks totally awesome! The fitting was just right. No refitting required in my case.

Cons: Not economically affordable, Costly, Long wait.

Bought my JH16 PRO Freqphased around the end of April, received it after 7 weeks. Been enjoying them around a month or so.



Pros: Sound

Cons: Comfort at first use

Incredible sound but took some time to get use to full custom IEMs

Initial Impressions on the JH Audio JH16 Pros


Pros: Superb clarity and details.

Cons: Expensive

This is an initial impression of the JH16s right as I got them out of the box.   Value:   I gave these monitors a 3-star value because these things really are expensive. I wouldn't call this the "perfect" monitor with the "perfect" sound you're looking for. But these do sound very very good. Nothing comes close to the quality you see and hear on these monitors. If you have the budget, then go get it. If not, there are so many IEMs out there that will give you an amazing experience.   Audio Quality:   I haven't scrutinized the sound quality coming out of the 16s. But I must say this. Garbage in = Garbage out.  Feed the Jh16s with FLACs, 320kbps MP3s and you'll hear...
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Richard Devine

JH Audio JH 16, Amazing IEM, with good bass response


Pros: tight controlled bass response, smaller flaceplate over the UE IEMs

Cons: the fit wasn't quite right on both of my IEM, had to send back

Nice full range frequency response IEM's, the best I have heard. I play out DJing and doing  live performances, and also do lots of field recording. They are much smaller in size in comparison to my UE-18's (Ultimate Ears). They do have a slightly different sound signature compared to the UE-18's and UE-10's. The sound though isn't hugely different then the UE series IEM's. I found the sound only slightly different we are only talking very slight differences. I had some issues with my fit not working out the first round, but overall I am very happy with these IEM's.  
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