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JH Audio JH13 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors Reviews

The Monkey

Hard to Imagine it Getting Better Than This


Pros: Intimacy, Impact, Imaging

Cons: Need to be committed to dialing in the fit

The JH13 is not just the best IEM around, it's one of the best headphones around--period.  The impact, detail, speed, agility, and body of these phones are simply amazing.  The full-sized can I find myself comparing them to is my O2 mk1.  That's about the highest praise I can offer a headphone.  Jerry Harvey does not screw around.  The only cons are that it may take a couple of refits to get them dialed in (but this is worth it) and I sometime wish they had just a touch (and I mean a tiny bit) more bass.  But even that criticism seems to be waning as I get more accustomed to the sound signature.  (And I am consciously not ascribing this change in opinion to some ridiculous notion of...
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Amazing CIEMs for any listener/performer/engineer.


Pros: Neutrality, Soundstage, Resolution

Cons: Price, mostly.

Here's a little review I decided to write up about my current CIEM of choice, the Jerry Harvey Audio JH13Pro. Though most reviews are based on comparisons with other models, I will try to base my review on what I can hear with a choice of music, along with the different gear used. I also refuse to quantify my findings by measly scores. As this is also a review of a custom, I will also explain the process of how I got the CIEMs in the first place. Please note all listening is done subjectively and IT IS ULTIMATELY UP TO YOU if you plan on actually acquiring a piece of hardcore gear, and if it fits your style of listening. A little about me: Ever since starting high school, I've loved...
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They've Repealed the Law of Diminishing Returns


Pros: Wide Range, Neutral, Detailed, Dynamic

Cons: Expensive, time consuming to get

I should probably not write this review at all, because I don't have enough experience with other types to make a good comparative evaluation. However, I did try several common models with prices ranging through about $400. I thought they all sounded awful. So, wanting something good, I took a chance on these based on great buzz and little sense.   I love them. They take care of the comfort factor by being custom made. Even being driven by an IPhone they sound so good  that I have no further interest in other IEMs. I'm a Mahler junkie and these can both unravel his complex scores and sound great in quiet passages. Other things are equally good; they don't seem to...
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completely satisfied


Pros: Unbelievable overall sound quality, great fit

Cons: expensive

Just a short review - all the praise lavished on these in the JH13 forum (a million posts long) is deserved - I upgraded from the Ety-6i to the Q-Jays to the UE-Triple Fi's to these.  I can't comment on value, since I got these used at half off, so they were an incredible deal.  But they're just amazing across the board- I never knew that bass response could be this full and rich and accurate.  The sound is improved with a good DAC and (low gain) amplifier, but sounds incredible right out of any decent portable source.  I take them everywhere with me and listen to them constantly.  

JH13 Review


Pros: SQ

Cons: Sometimes the fit, accessories

  Music I enjoy most at the moment: Fleetwood Mac, Mike Oldfield, David Bowie, Gipsy Kings, Cat Stevens, Tom Waits and America. I will be basing my review on the JH13s on one track of each band/artist.The PackageTo be honest, the package was fairly disappointing. Other than an Otterbox, I expected to receive a little more than just a velvet pouch, a cleaning tool and a manual. Delivery, on the other hand, was very fast. It took 2 days to reach England and I didn’t have to pay any surcharge for the import. What surprised me the most was the incredible low weight of the monitors. I had a fairly similar situation with Grado, when I first lifted up one of the lower-end models. In summary,...
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JH 13's


Pros: Great custom IEM's

Cons: Want the JH16's

The JH13's are a beautiful pair of IEM's, sounds great too.
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