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JH Audio - very poor service

A Review On: JH Audio JH 11 Pro

JH Audio JH 11 Pro

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Pros: good IEs

Cons: Service inacceptable

i am, german and own the jh11.

I love their sound and more the jh16, which i wanted to buy.

But after one site of my jh11 has broken i have contacted jh for service.

The only service they offered was to send the inears for repair in their lab for hight amount of money.

Since i found an company in germany which can repair the iEs without sending them to USA and back, i asked ordering an one spare part ( the bass Driver).

Around 3 month i didnt get any answer.

Some day i get answer  and the service man wrote  to send the JH11 to Lab in Florida.

I asked again for just this one Spare part. No answer.

Yesterday i get  mail of Brittany Harvey with the short harshley massage, :

We absolutely will not send components to you."


Faces that kind of non service i begin to capitulate and forget to think on JH-Audio and my next JH16.

Jerry makes good IEas, but the service is diametral of them, which reflect the wrong service behaviour.




All these companies use the same "spare parts" anyway, they're made by knowles.com / sonion.com, you can buy them from sites like Digikey and Mouser.
You had them a long time I see.
How much was the repair?
this is an good message. can you give me detailed infos about that ?
Correction, i bought them 2010.
You should know, that just after buy i had to send my new JH11 back to JHAudio, due to poor isolation. I get them back and had to work on it with an nailefile. Some egdes were sharp.
The deffect was caused ion match 2011 by my own mistake, when i fall down of my mountainbike. The shell was broken.
Brittany wrote this would cost the half price of an new price.
This was to expansive for me.
So lateron i found an company in germany which was able to repair them for much much less. Unfortunately the bassdriver has beeen diagnosed broken.
So 9.6.2012 i wrote an email to order the bassdriver. No answer.
2 Month later i got this email from Brittany with the known harsh comment, that they woundnt send my ny parts.
I asked out of couriosity how much to change the Bassdriver would cost....no answer on it.
So i have wrote an detailed Comment about my experiance with JH in an German HiFi Forum.
I lost any interesse buying some other IEs from JHAudio.
i was on the recomended sites, but no idea where to find the specifiyc part:
i need: Double Bassdriver (jha-xb - with yellow damping-element on sound-port)
Can you help me how to find this?
many thanks in advance
I don't blame JHA. Both JH and UE have proprietary drivers designed by the respective companies with Knowles and Sonion. The reason being, if you know the driver specs you can easily recreate a JHA IEM and sell it at a lower price. Only the "small" custom companies use standard sonion and knowles drivers.
The only way to repair a JH iem is through JHA.
but, as i wrote, i had not accepted the half price + shipping twice, just for reshell the broken right side.
Later on the defect of the bassdriver was detected. So i wanted to buy just this.
JH demand to send my broken IE for repair in their lab.
But, JH do not react on emails about my question regarding the estimated price.
I want pay for perair in fairly maner, but do not accept this type of "service".
That's so average. Have you expressed your concern/distaste to jerry personally? Britany's customer service is unfortunate to say the least. I would expect JHA to lose a lot of sales due to her manner or lack there off. Certainly myself included.
you are right, the first mails i send to adam with whom i have had several mailcontacts. No answer.
Later on i contacted Brittany, no answer.
I mailed to Jerry and get quick response. He gave order to the other (including Brittany) tohelp me with my problem..
But as i wrote, my question, also addressed to Jerry, if he could deliver this one specific part, wasnt answered.
So I had to be insistent for getting an answer of Brittany with hers harsch comment.
This was the last contact, she dosnt answer any my further question...
So i do not expect any positive changes.
Jerry is for sure excellent IE constructor, but the organisation of his company, especially the manner of Brittany is the other side of the medaile.
He is the boss, so he should know (controll) what is going on in his company.
That's it isn't it. Despite Jerry being a good bloke, he is the boss and it reflect on him as a result. (certainly on his sales)
I would never buy from them again - for these reasons and also for the fact that there are FAR beter iem's available (SQ & build Q) for much less money. If you like the JH11/JH16 sound sig I would recommend the UM Merlin or maybe the upcoming Aurisonics ASG-2.
Best of luck.
You should know, i am "hardcore" Music/InEars fan and have tested many of them.
I was faszinated about the UE11, but wish little more presize Bass. So Jerry told me the known story, he is the "father" of the UE11 and he is able to tune the my JH11 so that i will be happy.
But i get the JH16 for testing and this peace had blown me away. I have never heard that kind of Music reproduction.
Not UE18, not CM Stage4, not Westone ES5.
So i begun saving money for that.
But in that saving period i get problem with my jh11, so wanted to wait "testing" the service of JH, with known dissatisfied effect.
So i am looking just for another IEs wich could be as grate as the JH 11 or better, the JH16.
Please give me more infos about this.
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