JH Audio has set a high bar with the new Roxannes.

A Review On: Jerry Harvey Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Universal IEM

Jerry Harvey Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Universal IEM

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almost forgot you were from down-under before the video
I have the spin-fit ear pieces, too. Love them. When they go onto market (if they are not there already), I will buy a large pack. Best ear pieces I've ever used.
Great review. Thanks.
 I love these video reviews. Great job Curra, very thorough, hope to see more like it.
Kinda half expecting to hear abit of a  Japanese accent there....
How would they have rated had you had to put your hand into pocket to purchase them? Complaining about the cost of high end IEMs has become a cliche, of course, but I can only repeat: HOW ******** MUCH??!!!
Nice video.
It's interesting how people have conflicting opinions on CIEM soundstage. Some Head-Fi reviews of the JH13/16 praise the width of their soundstage, while others (like yourself) say CIEMs have no soundstage whatsoever. I wonder if it's just different interpretations of the term, or something to do with the fit/seal for different ear shapes?
Lostinspace: Ha!
kurochin: I hope I explained it well enough in the video: Mainly what we perceive as "soundstage" in IEMs has to do with frequency response, so it is possible to fool our brain somewhat by, say, dropping the mid-range a bit to make voices and instruments sound further away.
Material nicely done, as usual. Good job Currawong.
Definitely interested in the earbuds.
The reviews of other 1k+ IEMs didn't interest me much and neither do customs
Thanks for the review. I heard the Roxannes at RMAF. They were impressive though I wish I could have had a quieter audition environment and about an hour to really get in to their performance. 
When you say they're a lot like Audeze, does that mean they're laid back as well?
How do these compare to the JH13 FP or the ER4S? I'm looking at getting a CIEM-equivalent of the ER4S and the JH13 and UERM seem to be the most recommended. Does the Roxanne come close to being a ER4S or is it just not for role?
GREAT review Currawong! Man this was good reading too!  glad you dug mine  :)