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A Review On: JDS Labs C5 Headphone Amplifier

JDS Labs C5 Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Power, Design,Color, SQ, 60 levels of Volume (That's what I Heard from Local Dealer)

Cons: Little big, Lose of High and Low gain switch.


 I had listened to C421 which is JDS's previous portable amp


What I see with C5 is Simpler function yet compact. It sounds like they cleared up


some noise that C421 had. and some other problems(Output Impedance)



Bought from Headphone Bar and There was 3 guys including store owner and me


were comparing it with Schiit Asgard, LYR, Barson 160HD, Soloist.


with HD800, LCD-2, PS1000, He-500


What we found out is C5 is really powerful and there is nothing better under 500 AS portable.


C5 was able to Run HD800 with 24 levels out of 60 levels of volume. LCD-2 was 25, PS1000 was only 14!



Sound wise? C5 sounded as good as Asgard. 3 of us could not believe it was just portable amp.


It has little warmer sound but not too warm like Asgard. It does not lose any details through whole FR range.


I do find My Edition 8 has little warmer and richer in sub-bass when I compare it to E11. All the details are there as I put in in to Asgard and 




Staging was increased comparing to E11. Not as wide as regular indoor headphone AMPs but One of the biggest on this price range.


I do recommend this to who are looking for better portable amp than E11 but not willing to pay over $300 ( I haven't but you might able to find some good portable amp for $300).


This is embarassing.
lol wat is.
Not bad for a bomb...
Great review; because it's straight to the point with the comparison to the E11, good job!
unless by "bomb" you mean that this is a fake shill review that should not be heeded... I thought it was just bad grammer....
Yeah man this was great thank you. You convinced me to buy one and Im glad to hear this is just as good as the much more expensive shiit gear, Idk about others experiences but my customer experience was awful.