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JBL Synchros S100a


Pros: Warm (Rolled off treble) , Excellent presentation in the presence region , Build and Design , Not grainy - Great for rock

Cons: Bass could be more refined , Comfort , Cheap Generic remote , Over-Priced



Like all JBL products , performance is the last priority, the S100a does one thing good ..that's rock , the treble is not that grainy , making it excellent for rock , its rolled off too not in a bad way , its the 6XX roll off , almost perfect roll off ....which is very odd for a IEM like the S100a 


I really enjoy it , very good indeed ..I think it should sound excellent with a nice neutral low OI amp 


The mids are a great , they are not distant and recessed like some IEMs .....they don't sound thin or overly thick , almost perfect 

There is some missing information in the lower mids as the transition is not that good , the upper bass is a bit bloated and the mid bass is a bit recessed , so it might sound a little confused at times 


Not for the Hip-Hop lovers since the Mid-Bass is recessed , not for classical since the treble is rolled off but excellent for Jazz and Rock , the dark tone makes those genres sound sweeeeeet !!!!


The build is excellent , comfort not so much .the remote weighs it down a bit , cable is a flat style cable which is nice , good IEM ....recommended if it ticks the boxes for you , thanks for reading .....have a good one !






* In my review I said there's no mic , apparently its there 




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JBL Synchros S100a

General Specifications Type In-Ear Headphones Audio Specifications Rated Input Power 5mW Frequency Response 10Hz – 22kHz Maximum SPL 106dB @ 5mW Control and Connection Specifications Connector 3.5mm jack Speaker Specifications Driver Advanced 9 mm driver Other Features Included Accessories silicone tips, Comply foam tips, carrying case Headphone Features EarPads silicone tips, Comply foam tips Product Features Ultra-light, die-cast aluminum construction We meant it at JBL when we said we’d build a revolutionary line of in-ear headphones. For those who know authentic elegance when they see it, and hear it – meet our new JBL S100 Headphones. Its die-cast precision and aluminum housing create headphones that are both lightweight and durable. Its angled ear tips and included ear tips make for house of quality listening. For the fearless music-lover within us all, the JBL 100 demands seeing - as much as hearing – to be believed. Score another instant JBL classic. JBL Professional Audio Sound with PureBass performance It’s no trade secret we’ve created the world’s most legendary loudspeakers. Artists from the Beatles to Maroon 5 have used JBL equipment to create some of their most historic recordings. So it should come as no surprise we’ve taken Pro-Audio sound to new highs – and depths – of power and portability in our Synchros Series. Introducing JBL Professional Audio Sound with PureBass performance. One listen to our S100 – and the phrase “clarity of sound” will never sound the same. 3 sizes of silicone ear tips (S/M/L) and Comply™ foam tips When it comes to in-ear listening, adaptability and comfort often get the boot in favor of a cheaper design… but not so at our company. The S100 In-Ear is no exception to the JBL law of “Make It Perfect”: three sizes of angled ear tips (S, M, or L) ensure your ears find their ideal fit. Meanwhile, advanced Comply™ foam tips give you premium sound isolation and an all-around superior audio performance. Available in 3 configurations On-the-go compatibility with either an Apple, universal, or straight cable remote control isn’t just a nicety these days in a headphone – it’s what you need. The JBL S100 is built with that principle in mind, coming in three possible configurations: an Apple 3-button mic/remote cable, a universal 3-button mic/remote cable, or a straight cable, keeping your listening fun and flexible. Each option adapts easily with your S100, giving you the freedom to adjust your track-list, control the volume of whatever’s playing, and switch functionality between hearing music and taking calls. Tangle resistant flat cable Whatever configuration your S100 flat cable comes in, it’s custom-designed to be tangle resistant.

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