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JBL SoundSticks II 2.1 Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System

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Pros: Its nice and clear and detailed.

Cons: The bass isn't the best in the low end.

I just got these and am impressed with the detail and clarity of these speakers.  I only wanted something simple, small, and cheap.  I was looking at the swans but don't have the opportunity to listen to them here in hawaii.  We are pretty limited to whats available here and on Oahu is where they'd most likely have more options for me to listen to.  But back to the review.  I am currently using my iBasso D10 as an amp for these and...lol some people might say Im crazy but it gives a nice sound.  Straight from my Imac (older model) the sound card isn't the best so I figured i'd try out the D10 with the Sticks.  Well...the sticks first hand are detailed and clear but when I use my D10 with these I can hear much more detail and the mids seem more laid back.  I know, I know...the D10 is a headphone amp and yes I do use the D10 as well as the T3 as headphone amps but It made a big difference in the performance of the sticks II.  I am currently still in the process of the burn-in but I am glad I got this!  I understand there are other 2.1 monitors out there but I wasn't looking at spending 300 just for 2 satellites and than another 400 for a woofer.  Granted they most likely sound better and can go louder than what I currently have but I am not going to be taking these to very loud volumes.  I also can run this straight from the headphone jack from my iMac with no problems.  I would recommend these to anybody who isn't a bass head ( I am one and want something that hits harder and larger speakers for louder volumes but, this will do for the time being.)  But they are a good investment, especially if you are trying to save money.   The build is unique in its own fashion (my girlfriend said it reminds her of a jelly fish, the shape of the woofer...lol)  Over all I think the product is pretty awesome and will take care of this so it lasts long.  =)


Pros: Look good, Sound good, They don't take up to much room on my desk.

Cons: Speaker positioning, no power off switch

I'm also on my second set of these speakers, I sold the first with my last computer and later regretted it. I use them with my iMac and they are perfect for that job, I mainly use them when I want a break from headphones. The only really issue I have is that speaker position needs to be very accurate to get the most from them, it seems that unless you are sat directly in front of them you loose a lot of detail from whatever you are listening to. But for the price they are excellent and I haven't found anything else in the same price bracket that is as well built and sounds as good.


Pros: Great look, good price, very good sound quality

Cons: sub doesnt seem to pick up very low bass, speakers are fragile and can split apart

Ive had 2 sets of these over the past 2 years, first set broke because i had a drink accident with the sub. as the first set of speakers i picked up after researching what to get i was sceptical on how good the sound quality would be. my computer only has on board sound card(crosshair extreme iv) but i was blow away at how good the sound quality was, and how crisp it was. obviously you are going to be able to find better speakers for a higher price but these are the best value ive seen, and are popular around many people. the design is very good looking with a clear and blue style. the 2 speakers can be volume controlled by 2 touch sensitive buttons, some visual reference for volume on the speakers would have been nice but its a small gripe i can live with. the speakers and sub are both fairly small and will most likely fit on most desktops.


all in all i highly recommend these speakers for those wanting some high quality speakers for a reasonable price 


Pros: Stylish, Good Quality

Cons: Can't think of any

I bought these and use them around my room for personal listening. I don't have them hooked up to my computer, but just use my Zune directly plugged into them. The cord length is good and they've held up great for over a year. I listen to my music fairly loud at times, and have yet to hear any distortion. Great Bass, and very clear mids and highs. Very pleased. Great value.

JBL SoundSticks II 2.1 Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System

Harman Kardon’s 40-watt SoundSticks II three-piece speaker system produces high-quality stereo sound for music, MP3’s, movies and gaming experiences. The mini stereo jack connection allows you to enjoy awesome audio from a variety of devices such as digital music players, computers (all platforms), stereos and portable listening devices. Touch Volume Control – Just a touch increases or decreases the volume. Just a touch mutes or un-mutes the system. SoundSticks II also remembers your last volume setting. The SoundSticks II audio system utilizes a straightforward interconnect technology, which provides an effortless user interface with minimum desktop wiring. The powerful subwoofer provides clean, low bass. The treble and subwoofer level controls are located on the back of the subwoofer.

Feature20 Watts RMS subwoofer power output
Height12 inches
Length16 inches
Weight1.1 pounds
Width20 inches
List Price$169.99
ModelSoundSticks II
MPNSoundSticks II
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
TitleHarman Kardon SoundSticks II 2.1 Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System
Batteries Included0
Hardware PlatformPC
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Legal DisclaimerShipping is 3-5 days FedEx or UPS with tracking number. Brand New. Continental USA street address ONLY, we do not ship to P/O box, APO, AE, or international addresses
Operating SystemDOS
Number Of Items1
CPU ManufacturerIntel
CPU Speed1
CPU TypeAMD Athlon
Display Size669.2913385827
Graphics Memory Size256
Hard Disk Size1
Hard Disk InterfaceIDE
Native Resolution640x480
Processor Count1
System Memory Size128000
System Memory TypeDRAM
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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