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Handsome in-ear with a entertaining sound, everything a casual customer can appreciate

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Jays a jays three

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Pros: Aestethics, nice flat cable, fast and nice basses, huge step forward from a bundle earphone, survived to a go in the washing-machine, package.

Cons: Sibilance, cable noises.

The reason why i bought these earphones was just the special offer I found about 2 years ago. 
They were sell in bundle with a 16GB pendrive for about 45€, so I paid them less than 30€ or something close.
For that price there can't be any remorse.

The box is just splendid, inside you can find a strange circular small case for the eraphones (actually not that handly), airplane adapter and a splitter, built in great quality.

The earphones look impressive, very nice and sober. I think they are well built too, 2 years on the go without any sign of backdown.

The sound instead presents some problems. The soundstage is quite accurate and wide, for that the 50€ list price just fit well. The bass are fast and strong, quite funny earphones to listen to by this point of view. The small lack of medium comes to ruin party togheter with the sibilance. Medium can be restore somehow with some equalization, but that sibilance it's just too much. Some kind of songs with lot of cymbals can drive you crazy. 

At the end i can say 50€ are way too much money for the value; the √ frequencies profile can be funny somehow, but not for someone looking for high fidelity.

Edit: can't suggest them even at smaller prices. Right now there are too many greater earphones traceable at a lower price.


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