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Jays a jays three


Pros: Aestethics, nice flat cable, fast and nice basses, huge step forward from a bundle earphone, survived to a go in the washing-machine, package.

Cons: Sibilance, cable noises.

The reason why i bought these earphones was just the special offer I found about 2 years ago. 
They were sell in bundle with a 16GB pendrive for about 45€, so I paid them less than 30€ or something close.
For that price there can't be any remorse.

The box is just splendid, inside you can find a strange circular small case for the eraphones (actually not that handly), airplane adapter and a splitter, built in great quality.

The earphones look impressive, very nice and sober. I think they are well built too, 2 years on the go without any sign of backdown.

The sound instead presents some problems. The soundstage is quite accurate and wide, for that the 50€ list price just fit well. The bass are fast and strong, quite funny earphones to listen to by this point of view. The small lack of medium comes to ruin party togheter with the sibilance. Medium can be restore somehow with some equalization, but that sibilance it's just too much. Some kind of songs with lot of cymbals can drive you crazy. 

At the end i can say 50€ are way too much money for the value; the √ frequencies profile can be funny somehow, but not for someone looking for high fidelity.

Edit: can't suggest them even at smaller prices. Right now there are too many greater earphones traceable at a lower price.


Pros: Tangle Free Cable, Nice accessories

Cons: Cable has excess noise

These are considered entry level IEM's. So I had them for over a month now to let their sound signature burn in. From what I've noticed, these IEM's are geared more towards the high's. The bass is lacking and often times drowned out by the excess high's.

The biggest concern (is also the selling point) is the flat tangle-free cable. My biggest concern with them is the white noise it generates. The surface area really has a toll on the amount of white noise. Also when shuffling around, a simple contact with the cable will generate noise. It is extremely annoying (at least for me) to wear outside while walking.

I would not recommend these headphones as there are plenty of competitors that simply do much better.


Pros: Consumer-friendly sound, aesthetics, accessories

Cons: Comfort, microphonics, sibilance

I bought these Jays while looking for a good entry-level IEM to upgrade from the ibuds.


These IEMs, to my ears, sounded V-shaped. Elevated bass with aggressive treble.

I could not stand listening to some tracks with these on because of the sibilance.

The flat cable is very worrying for me, especially how it is terminated. The plug just seems like it is just waiting to fail because it just looks, and feels, very cheap and fragile.

Microphonics is another major issue. There is a lot of microphonics, and trying to wear these over-the-ear to try and solve the problem isn't viable, as I couldn't even do it. The cables just wanted to straighten out and the IEMs kept popping out.


For $60 USD I really wouldn't suggest these, as now there are much better choices out there in the market. The only reason which would make me suggest these is if that person who wants to wear eye-candy.

But as an upgrade from the ibuds, I can't see anything wrong about that. smile.gif


Jays a jays three

JAY-a-JAYS Three comes loaded with a huge range of silicone sleeve sizes from L all the way down to XXS. We understand the importance of a proper fit in order to get the best possible sound experience; especially in terms of bass response. Also included with our a-JAYS flagship option is a newly-developed carrying case in a sexy combination of rubber finish and gloss plastic, protecting your earphones from everyday dirt and knocks. The overall package has been designed to be more than just a protective device; it’s a stylish accessory to be kept and used when on the go.

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