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Great Looks, tangle free (really), and comfortable.

A Review On: Jays a-JAYS Four iPhone

Jays a-JAYS Four iPhone

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Pros: Great ipod/iphone controls, great ergonomic design, nice thick tangle free cable, plenty of earbud sizes to choose from.

Cons: Poor isolation, buds tend to pop out, audio is a tad "hollow" at times, no pouch!

I bought these as a replacement for the crap apple headphones.  I immediately appreciated the nice, loud and solid sound, and how they felt like they belonged in my ears.   The concave shape of the casing just feels right.  The nice tangle free cable was great for just tossing in my pocket and pulling them out, giving them a shake or two, and they are good to go.  Another design feature I liked was the 90 degree 1/8 jack.  It was all but totally flat, letting the audio source be even more comfortable in your pocket.   The inline controls are top of the line as well.  nice round buttons, with a satisyfying tactile feel, easy to find with one hand, and  easy to navigate the controls.   These are still the nicest controls I have experienced to date.  These were very rugged as well,  besides the paint eventually chipping off of the in-line controls. It also took me a bit of trial and error to find buds that fit me well without popping out, but I eventually found suitable ones.  I did find that during any type of sweating, these were a chore to keep in.   These also did not come with a pouch, though I found that I didnt really need it most of the time,  I would just shove them in my bag and go.  They do come in a nice plastic case, with all of the earbuds, but this is too bulky to carry around.  


Overall totally worth the price as a very suitable upgrade from cheapo apple sets,  I find them MUCH more superior to the Klipsch and Beats  ipod/iphone sets you see everywhere...  the audio however is tuned more for voice calls, which can leave some of your favorite songs sounding a bit empty.  Still a very very decent set of voice call capable earbuds. 

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"...I find them MUCH more superior to the Klipsch and Beats ipod/iphone sets you see everywhere..."
This is just too obvious. I don't mean to be rude, but did you have to add it to your review? Well, regarding Klipsch, I'm unsure about that, as the Image S4 sounds really nice.
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