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Jays a-JAYS Four iPhone Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Looks, tangle free (really), and comfortable.


Pros: Great ipod/iphone controls, great ergonomic design, nice thick tangle free cable, plenty of earbud sizes to choose from.

Cons: Poor isolation, buds tend to pop out, audio is a tad "hollow" at times, no pouch!

I bought these as a replacement for the crap apple headphones.  I immediately appreciated the nice, loud and solid sound, and how they felt like they belonged in my ears.   The concave shape of the casing just feels right.  The nice tangle free cable was great for just tossing in my pocket and pulling them out, giving them a shake or two, and they are good to go.  Another design feature I liked was the 90 degree 1/8 jack.  It was all but totally flat, letting the audio source be even more comfortable in your pocket.   The inline controls are top of the line as well.  nice round buttons, with a satisyfying tactile feel, easy to find with one hand,...
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Negative Reviews


Sturdy designer headphones, poor sound


Pros: Tangle-free cable, packaging, good microphone, good build quality, decent mids and treble

Cons: Difficult fit, cable noise, little isolation, anemic sound

I bought these after my pair of Sennheiser CX-300 II's fell out of my pocket, as a short-term solution until I could find something I really wanted.   The packaging on them is excellent, with the headphones in a sturdy box that you're unlikely to ever lose.  Included with the headphones are five different pairs of tips, for different sized ears, a lengthy printed user manual, and the headphones themselves.   The headphones themselves are very sturdily built,  and have a flat, completely tangle-free cable and an iPhone mic.  The tangle-free aspect of them is very enjoyable, as you can put them anywhere, and you're not going to have to spend five minutes...
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More Reviews


t-JAYS Four Review and JAYS Curves Quick Review


Pros: Look simply superb, sumptuous rich sound with Dirac in use.

Cons: It’s a big price jump for a mic and its essentially an Idevice only earphone.

t-JAYS Four Review and JAYS Curves Quick Review   Full review at http://www.head-fi.org/t/659123/t-jays-four-review-and-jays-curves-review   Thanks to JAYS for the sample.   Brief:  Uber fancy EQ stuff for Idevices   Price:  £80 for the t-JAYS Four £2 for JAYS Curves   Specification:  Driver Type 10 mm TCD Dynamic Speaker, Sensitivity 98dB @ 1kHz, Impedance 16 Ohm @ 1kHz, Frequency Response 15 Hz – 25 000 Hz, Earphones Finish  Rubber Coated Black / Metal, Isolation  -40dB @ 2kHz, Size (L)17.5 x (W)6.9 x (H)14.8 mm, Weight 10 grams (0.35 oz), Cord Type        ...
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