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JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best wireless sound quality if you don't mind sending them in a few months to be replaced. I will buy these again or the next version


Pros: Best wireless sound quality, light weight, great battery life, very stable in the ear once you figure out the right fit

Cons: Cumbersome to Fit, Fail easily

Experience with Customer Service   In case you want to see a video review, search youtube for "Jaybird Real time Review" and my video should be first on the list.   I'm going to start by saying that Jaybird as a company has fantastic customer service. I've ran into problems with my headphones and got replacments within a reasonable amount of time.  They're quick to respond and I can't say enough of how awesome I've been treated.   I bought these back in September 2013 and have had these as my go to since Last week Janruary 2015. This is the longest I've ever owned a set of high quality headphones and I love them.  I'm having some sellers remorse and want...
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Bluetooth! You've come a long way baby!


Pros: Great Fidelity, Long Life Battery along with Functionality to take phone calls!

Cons: Does not beat wired systems. Even with accessories it is not a perfect fit...

A decade ago; I had bought into the crappy Logitech Bluetooth devices which I swore NEVER to buy again deeming it a bad technology. Ten years later; I now needed an in wireless in-ear device for the office that would provide me with a decent stereo sound and eliminate the clutter of wires and everything involved in having a portable head amp in my office. At first, the price seemed high but the convenience is worth it.   The three things to consider:   Sound Quality. Being Head-fi....I could go on for years debating this. In one sentence: Stereo sound is good but is does not win over wired headsets. The quality during phone calls though was excellent. It does NOT have a...
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Negative Reviews


Definitly does not live to hype.


Pros: Best sound quality from a running bluetooth headphone set.

Cons: Piss poor durability

Bought a set of bluebuds x in January 2015 ins Singapore at roughly S$230.00. I am not sure whether it was a sweat related issue or a battery issue, but my first pair failed on me within 2 months. I could "charge" it, but headset died almost immediately when i switched it on.   Went to the local warrenty center, had it exchanged for a new pair. This time i took additional care when charging the headphone, using my pc (low amperage) to charge the headset. Same thing happened to this headset. I was beginning to think that the sweat could have gotten into the device somehow.   Took it back to the warrenty center, managed to convince the warrenty center manager to replace my...
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Does not live up to the claim


Pros: Sounds great

Cons: Lifespan of months

I was given these as a gift ...last xmas , they lasted about 8 months then died .Jaybird replaced them Those replacements just died after less than 50 uses ...As I dont have the receipt (it was a gift ) they offered to sell me a pair for $104 .Why would I buy a pair of headphones that consistently die prematurely? They are great when they work , but these headphones die faster than any other brand , so buyer beware
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