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InEar StageDiver SD-3 Reviews


SD3's are not just for electronic music


Pros: Deep and detailed bass, but it's all controlled. Great soundstage, excellent natural resolution to instruments.

Cons: A few times thought they were bright, not mentioned in review because quality of tracks weren't the best.

Tested on various classical and jazz pieces, found the SD3 to give commanding performance on all. Note, I used high quality flac versions of all songs tested.   SD3's are about two days old and have about 8 hours on them, hardly broken in. They were bought from this shop and imported into the states at the regular retail price. Eartips used were Sony hybrids, peach inner color. Equipment used: Burson Audio Soloist, Eastern Electric Minimax Tube Dac with Musical Fideltiy V-Link for usb support with a Windows pc (self built). As just mentioned, flac files, played through foobar at default settings, no eq used.   Acoustic jazz (Fred Hersh - Heartsong, McCoy Tyner -...
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For 'fun' listening only, not a serious HiFi earphone


Pros: Build quality, bass extension, fun factor

Cons: Smeary mids, recessed vocals, U shaped response

Will keep this review short but these are my impressions after a week of listening to a range of FLAC and a few HD files of every main genre of music:   Sources used: FiiO X5 Sony NW-ZX1 Audiolab 8200DQ Dac/Amp   Highs: Detailed but at this price point you can get a lot more 'detail' for your money. Highs are not very well seperated or is the soundstage very deep. The soundstage is very wide and not exaggerated. These are not fatiguing so that is good as I am particularly sensitive to treble.   Mids: For earphones of this price I found the mids to be very poor. Completely lacking in detail when compared with something like the Westone 4R/Sony XBA-4 and Sennheiser...
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Virtu Fortuna

The Custom - Universal


Pros: Perfect isolation, great fit, outstanding build quality, warm non fatiguing sound, brilliant soundstage, strong bass, no sibilance

Cons: A little uncomfortable in long sessions, carrying case is too big, can be very bassy and dark for some (not me), price

These babys will give you everthing you need from an high and IEM. Very strong bass presence, realistic and detailed mids, and non fatiguing smooth, detailed treble.    I think they are the final step before the customs, and if you think about their isolation, maybe you don't need a custom IEM if you have these. These IEM's are one of the greatest solutions for those who don't want to be involved in a CIEM process, but want a great isolation and sound quality.   I owned GR07, Westone 3, Westone 4R, Westone Um Pro 30 before these. And I can clearly say that those IEM's are cannot be compared to these monsters. Period.   Maybe Shure SE846 can compete with these,...
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Personal Reference for Bass-Heavy IEMs


Pros: build quality, comfort, isolation, soundstage, resolution, cohesion, treble extension

Cons: very warm tuning

Full review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/664229/review-inear-stagediver-series
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