IHIFI 960 Reviews


Great sounding DAC with transport function


Pros: Digital outs! Very good sound quality as both DAC and amp, build quality

Cons: Somewhat cumbersome, user interface is workable but somewhat limited, still a minor pop on power up

  iHiFi 960       I wrote at length about a quirky DAP from China called the iHiFi812v2 in THIS review. It's a great sounding unit with a few quirks that I can easily live with considering the positives it has. My biggest complaint - by far - has to do with the digital output, or more specifically the lack of digital ouput. I'm used to my QLS QA350 (another relatively obscure Chinese DAP) with coaxial and optical SPDIF outputs. Since the 812v2 looks very similar to the QA350, my brain just expects at least one digital out to be there, and gets disappointed when it isn't the case.  iHiFi quickly followed up the release of their 812 with...
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