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iFi Nano iDSD Reviews


Great USB DAC with Decent Headphone Amp


Pros: Well built, features rich as a DAC with native PCM/DSD/DXD support, OTG for smartphone.

Cons: Headphone amp section isn't the best, Slight bulky for portable use.

[Impression] iFi nano iDSD and iCAN with a splash of iPurifer iFi Audio has gained a great success over its Micro line of small sized desktop gears, and now it is pushing into the portable world with the Nano series. The nano iDSD is USB DAC that not only works with PC, but also has OTG support for the iDevice with OS7 (via camera connection kit / CCK) and Android that have USB Audio Class driver built-in (*for older Android that doesn’t have the driver, there is still a chance that USB Audio Player PRO will work). The nano iCAN on the other hand is a pure portable amp, but infused with the magical XBass and 3D Holographic Sound we have seen on the micro iCAN. Both are retailed under...
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Excellent DAC in a compact casing


Pros: Small. portable and delivers everything you throw at it

Cons: Lacks oomf in low frequencies

Having owned the Oppo HA-2, FiiO E12 and E12A, I bought this device on Amazon and simply forgot it in the US. (I live in Nigeria).   When I finally got hold of it, I upgraded the firmware to support DSD256 (was limited to DSD128 in addition to the full range of PCM and DXD up to 384KHz/32-bit).   But, my oh my, what a wonderful device!   No complaints really. I have tried this unit with the Oppo PM-3s and Shure SE846s.   My range of music varies from Classical to Darshan Ambient, to Jean-Michel Jarre to Barry White.   I strongly recommend any audition to try:   Allegretto Movt of Beethoven's 7th Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Herbert von...
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Below expected peformance but very feature rich


Pros: Crams a lot of features in for the price: DSD, DXD, volume control, LED indicator of sampling rate, RCA output

Cons: Ultimately, the sound quality is substandard

I had high expectations of this based on so-called "professional reviews" listed on the iFi website & ones here. Particularly the one from the audiostream "Greatest bits" award: http://www.audiostream.com/content/ifi-nano-idsd-dacheadphone-amp. First listening impressions were not great. I let it run for a few days to be sure, tried the different filter settings, tried the line out vs the headphone out, tried different sampling rates. All to no avail.    In Standard mode, contrary to what the manufacturer states, Standard Filter sounds better because the music has better pace, rythm and timing (PRAT).    Overall though, it sounded somewhat off.   So...
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Rocket in your pocket


Pros: Excellent SQ, extreme value for money, cheapest DAC/amp with support for iDevices

Cons: Weird form factor for portable gear, some units have a volume control crackling issue, iDevices require CCK which isn't optimal for portability

The iFi Nano iDSD may not be a looker and it may have a small package but it delivers performance you'd expect from regular desktop DACs at an unbelievable entry level price.  In addition to that, if you have to think twice about getting a -700 portable amp/DAC that supports iDevices - go for the Nano iDSD and know that it rivals those devices at a price that is 3 times lesser.      This is a transparent DAC that delivers a refined and natural sound that is difficult to find at this price point.  Instruments are rendered realistically and vocals are full of texture and nuance. There's just a wholesome-ness and balance to the sound that reminds me...
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Superb Sounding DAC with a Silly mistake in Design


Pros: The Sound and Features are really very Good for the Price.

Cons: Sounds fantastically Great with feature but the RCA RL next to volume knob surely needs some rethinking..

Pros: 1) I have Rated it 4.5/5 as I loved its price to features ratio which is the main reason for the high rating. 2) Its portable. 3) Its pretty to look at. 5) Sound is Just fantastic for the price You will pay for it.   CONS: 1) Its very Easy to install, but still there are some issues with the latest update driver. My windows had to install the previous version of the driver  v1.2 to actually make it work.   (Update: Dac suddenly stops processing the sound when another application is simultaneously used like youtube on web browser and mediamonkey. Need to turn volume knob off and on for the sound to be again processed through the DAC)   2)When it comes...
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A DSD ready, good sounding little DAC


Pros: SQ,compact size, musical, capable internal amp

Cons: None

iFi Audio iDSD Nano in Earmass.com This is not the first time that I am reviewing iFi Audio’s creation in Earmass.com, that is why I feel very excited once I knew iDSD Nano is out in the market. The Nano series, sit beside the Micro series (Which is already small in size such as iDAC micro and iCAN micro) promised a even smaller size and similar remarkable sound, with portability in mind (Thus, a built in battery too). So small! iFi Audio iDSD Nano 189USD I couldn’t believe just how small iDSD Nano is when I holding them in hand, iFi Audio is really good in compacting big things into small package, even the micro series, is small enough honestly, but the nano series take...
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High end in your pocket


Pros: DSD support , wide codec support , details displayed.

The iDSD Nano has been really good over the weeks i've owned them , and they seem like they will be good for a very very long time , it's a very premium piece with solid aluminium housing , the build looks very durable .  beautiful sounding . nothing to complain . if you're looking for a portable DAC , i'd suggest you look no further . 
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