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A Review On: iFi iCan Nano Portable Headphone Amp

iFi iCan Nano Portable Headphone Amp

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Pros: Amazing instrumental imaging & detail , XBass is satisfying , insane battery life .

Cons: No tubes ?

The iFi iCAN nano has been enjoyed by me for more than 100 hours by now .
The battery life of this portable amplifier is so good , i don't remember charging after the first time i've charged it to full , remember , being a portable amplifier , battery life is rather important .
i've used it with my monster turbine pro gold & Beyerdynamic T90 .

The 3D holographic is simply amazing , majority of amplifiers do not come with switches as such . it gives life to the music you're listening and make the overall listening experience really wonderful . It widens the soundstage and gave it a certain kind of clarity and more depth together with detail .

The X bass does not make your music sounds boomy by amping the bass , it carefully pushes the low end roll-off to be delivered in a way that it becomes a must to have , it is so smooth and headphones which are alittle boring could do some of this . Music is meant to be enjoyed , give it alittle low end push :)

Being a solid state amp , i initially found the treble in the T90s to be fairly bright , however it is alright now , not sure if my ears adjusted to the treble or the headphone burned in . i enjoy the sound from them alot now :)

Overall they are a wonderful amp , and in high gain , it could easily power the Sennheiser HD800 aswell . i am pairing this Amp with the iDSD Nano , their portable DAC .

Powerful , portable , high quality construction , high quality sound .

iFi By AMR . 


Do you have problems using it with your iems? From my experience out of the box it has major channel imbalance issue with iems. At first i was thinking my HP-P1 line-out causing that problem, but after testing with Fiio X3 ,X5 and iBasso DX50, it seems that somehow it's the amp itself having issue with iems (especially BA drivers).
Also, mine unit's 3.5mm jack is totally "pain the the amp". This 3.5mm jack is not well build/tight fit for almost most of my available/tested interconnects. I have to swap different positions every time just to have proper connection. This is very frustrating since this amp is meant to be portable, which means it should be able to use on the go without any issue. but with this unreliable 3.5mm input, even bundle use with my HP-P1 is not a 100% working device as I have to spent 5-10mins just to find it's 3.5mm connection "sweet spot".
Let us say I do not need portable well more like portable from one room to the next. Would you say if I could get this and the  o2 for the same price, would you say the o2 is the better and more enjoyable sounding of the two amps?