Amazing detailed amp!!!

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iFi iCAN headphone amplifier

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Pros: Detailed, Exciting, Awesome Bass and Soundstage. Sounds much more than £225, feels like much more than £225

Cons: No on/off switch



In Audiophile world most people think then more expensive its better, iCAN proves its not always true.

iCAN is a great performing small desktop amp with amazing features at its price point of £225. Anyone who wants more bass or more space and detail from their headphones will be happy.


headphones used:




Amp used:

Graham Slee Novo £255

Graham Slee Solo SRG II £377

Lehmann Rhinelander £349

Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear £649 good sound but compare to price 3 times as iCAN

Sennheiser HDVD-800 (but that the other story, I almost cry!!!) clear perfection!! £1499


Comparing to amps in the same price range and above this is a true winner.


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