The entire presentation displeases me

A Review On: IDANCE DISCO100 -Watt  -Channel Recording Studio Equipment ,  GOLD

IDANCE DISCO100 -Watt -Channel Recording Studio Equipment , GOLD

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Pros: In-line mic, bass quantity

Cons: Sound in general, gold pads get hot quickly, thin cable

Thanks to iDance for the headphone sample to review!

I'm just going to get right to the review

Build - Other than the thin cable, it doesn't feel too bad. The cups have a nice matte finish. Headband also has a nice material on it. The hinges are a bit stiff though. Like I said though, the cable is pretty thin. It does, however, have an in-line mic, so that's a plus for smartphone users. 
As for durability, the Disco feels pretty sturdy overall, except for the cable. 

Comfort - The gold-covered pads can get really warm pretty quickly. I don't know what they're inherently made of, but they breathe even less than normal pleather pads. There isn't much clamping force, so the Disco isn't too tight. 
The pads though.. They're just quite bad.

Sound - Alas, another headphone that looks nice but sounds dreadful. Listening to my own tracks with them tells me just how colored the sound is. In short, it's bad.

Bass - Obviously the focus point of the sound. The bass is muddy, bleedy, and, of course, overpowering. It's somewhat of how I expected them to sound, but worse. Lots of mid bass and bloat. Subbass is surprisingly good.

Mids - Mids are basically nonexistent. Bass overpowers what might be classified as a midrange frequency. Due to this, vocals sound distant and lifeless. It's a common problem I find in fashion-oriented headphones.

Treble - It's so laid back.. So, so laid back. One of the darkest headphones that I've ever used. I don't really understand the appeal of that. Details are just not there. Obviously, there is no sparkle to the treble.

Soundstage - There is very little space to the presentation. It all sounds very congested.

Overall - I don't recommend the Disco under any circumstance. One of the worst headphones that I've ever heard, easily. The only positives I can think of are the appearance and in-line mic. It's just bad other than that.

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Meh, yea just the name and looks alone reek of the sound sig you described... thanks for the review! Sorry you had to listen to them!