Good upgrade over any standard set of buds.

A Review On: iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk From Monster® - In-Ear Noise Isolation - Black

iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk From Monster® - In-Ear Noise Isolation - Black

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Pros: Almost flat EQ with a kick in the low end, well defind low end.

Cons: Fit issues for some ( not me ), cable can tangle, no right angle jack.

Ahh Beats by Dre, the love em, hate em headphones. Well for these little guys its a love em kind of relationship for me the cheapest of the beats range yet they still manage to pack more punch then most, they have the classic beats sound but it seems to be much more refined from something like the Solo HD's, the bass is tighter and goes deeper, the mids are clear, not crystal but more like the glass on the front window of a car, some will look and find it muddy while others look and see a freshly clean car window. The highs are there but sometimes to forward and can get fatiguing.


Overall build quality is as to be expected, Its good but not perfect, the buds themselves are incases in a full metal housing and some rubber finishings with the standard assortments of ear tips to match, the cable is thin yet stronger then it should be for the price, compared to Monstercables own flagship the Monster Turbines the Ibeats has a better cable, its slightly thinker from the yoke to the jack which helps to reduce tangle, while the other end from the yoke to the buds is still thin and can tangle and sometimes bend which I suspect might cause damage over time, the yoke is plastic but its well made and its light it also has a cable management slider which works well and helps to reduce the weight of the cable hanging around your neck. The jack is a well make mostly metal straight jack with some strain relief on the end to assist the cable and give it some flex.


Time to Wrap this review up, Ibeats by Dre are a decent pair of earbuds, well worth the small price tag for a Beats produce and a good choice for first time upgrading from any iphone buds or other cheap buds that's you think might do. These guys will last you along time if you take care of them, they might have some flaws like fitment issues and cable strength but both can be dealt with.


I rate this product a 8/10 and would recommend to a friend or buy as a gift.


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