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Not terrible but not great

A Review On: iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk From Monster® - In-Ear Noise Isolation - Black

iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk From Monster® - In-Ear Noise Isolation - Black

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Pros: Bass! Good amount (i am a basshead what i consider bassy may vary) Thats about it.....i guess you can toss cosmetics in too

Cons: Mids,Highs,Fit (terrible for this reason)

When i bought my HTC Sensation XE( Rezound if you live in america) they came with a repackaged Ibeats they look amazing and have controls for andriod. They have bass (and a good amount) but like all of the beats product(except the Pros) the mids are recessed and the highs are sharp. With a treble booster i found that music sounds so much better, Mids are drowned (ever so slightly but not completly). Fit:if you dont get a good fit they will sound like 2$ ear buds so figet around) 



Sound: 7(if you like bass) 4(if you're looking for clarity god help you wrong brand)

Asthetics:10 (as with beats they always win in this department)

Durability:8 (The drivers are housed in metal)

Price:(cant really rate this as it came with my phone)


Summary:These are nice looking IEMs but like the saying don't judge a book by its cover and that's very true here. These are great if you pay in the 50-60usd(most i would pay) range,They are great looking but are not ment for Audiophiles they are ment for the "new age" of music like pop,rap,hip hop.would i reccomend them? maybe if you listen to bassy songs yes if no i would point you to Etymotic.


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