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iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk From Monster® - In-Ear Noise Isolation - Black Reviews

Positive Reviews


Good upgrade over any standard set of buds.


Pros: Almost flat EQ with a kick in the low end, well defind low end.

Cons: Fit issues for some ( not me ), cable can tangle, no right angle jack.

Ahh Beats by Dre, the love em, hate em headphones. Well for these little guys its a love em kind of relationship for me the cheapest of the beats range yet they still manage to pack more punch then most, they have the classic beats sound but it seems to be much more refined from something like the Solo HD's, the bass is tighter and goes deeper, the mids are clear, not crystal but more like the glass on the front window of a car, some will look and find it muddy while others look and see a freshly clean car window. The highs are there but sometimes to forward and can get fatiguing.   Overall build quality is as to be expected, Its good but not perfect, the buds themselves are...
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Surprised Me


Pros: Loads of bass, winning sound signature, supurb at low volumes

Cons: Loads of bass, winning sound tires over time, lacks mid-range

I was on the road last week and wanted a mid to low priced headphones for working out and quick listening.  I own many in-ear headphones now, and after reading review after review how Beats by Dr. Dre where over-priced hyped headphones, I thought I'd check them out for myself.     What I was expecting was a muddy pair of headphones with tons and tons of bass suited for hip-hop.  And that's what they are, sort of.     Beats have so much bass it blows your mind out of the box.  I tend to shy away from bass heavy headphones, so these were a bit of a treat for my ears.  They THUMP.  Forget about nuance, you won't find it here.  My...
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Pretty good


Pros: Good Bass, decent mids and highs

Cons: Way heavy, I am on my 2nd pair

I am on my 2nd pair of these, my first pair stopped working after 2 weeks of using them and I took very good care of them then the left ear went out and stopped working. These do however sound excellent for hip-hop I actually prefer to listen to hip-hop with them over my klipsch x10i's which are 350$ ear buds that are by far better with any other type of music.   These IEM's have a lot of bass and are very loud, I would say they were worth 100$ for me but there might be others who do not agree, I will come back and change the rating if this 2nd pair does go out..

Negative Reviews


Not terrible but not great


Pros: Bass! Good amount (i am a basshead what i consider bassy may vary) Thats about it.....i guess you can toss cosmetics in too

Cons: Mids,Highs,Fit (terrible for this reason)

When i bought my HTC Sensation XE( Rezound if you live in america) they came with a repackaged Ibeats they look amazing and have controls for andriod. They have bass (and a good amount) but like all of the beats product(except the Pros) the mids are recessed and the highs are sharp. With a treble booster i found that music sounds so much better, Mids are drowned (ever so slightly but not completly). Fit:if you dont get a good fit they will sound like 2$ ear buds so figet around)    Review Sound: 7(if you like bass) 4(if you're looking for clarity god help you wrong brand) Asthetics:10 (as with beats they always win in this department) Durability:8 (The drivers are...
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Not Good


Pros: Looks, Colors, Stylish

Cons: Price, Value, Sound, and Durability

Pretty much what others have said. 

Disapppontment after a good first impression


Pros: Strong Bass, fantastic design, came with a decent amount of accessories.

Cons: Too much bass that ruins the rest of the music, steep price tag

When I first saw these I thought to myself, wow! They just looked fantastic and I had to own a pair.   I got them 40% cheaper because of my profession, and when I first tried them on, it was like a bomb had set off in my ears. It was definitely not worth the price even with 40% discount.   The bass pretty much drowns out everything, and the treble had so much noise in them. It was not refined, not clear and a straight out disappointment.   For a much cheaper price you can get yourself a pair of sennheiser cx300, sony mdr-ex300 or some skull candies. All of which have better sound quality for a much cheaper price tag.

More Reviews


Good for what I needed, not the best


Pros: Deep, thumpy bass, fantastic isolation, comfortable (for me)

Cons: Very recessed mids, non universal inline controls

So I'm relatively new to the world of high end headphones, and I've started by experimenting with over the ear cans, I'll move onto IEMs eventually, but I feel like these guys get a bad rap.   As for what I like, I like to listen to my electronic music, so the bright (and not overshadowed) highs and thumpy bass make for a good, enjoyable time. I wish the mids were as present, but this is a Beats product after all, so know what you are getting. These aren't for audiophiles. I also have to say that the collection of tips is a mixed bag. For one, it allows you to find a great fit that can really enhance the sound, but you have to spend some time testing each pair, almost every pair...
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House lover



Pros: Powerfull bass.

Cons: The bass is to strong for the ibeats, you get more bass than the song self.

If you listen to Classic/Rock/Slow music this is nothing for you, Electro/hiphop/house/trance/EDM/Hardstyle/Dubstep lovers this is a nice buy for you. Powerfull bass. And decent sound.

Trial and Error


Pros: Sound quality is not bad

Cons: very very very poorly made

They Break .... Very easily 
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