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iBasso DX50 DAP

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Pros: decent sound but nowhere near as good as the hype leads you to believe

Cons: USB connection problems, SDCard scan problems, player freezes, tag problems, file sorting problems, sluggish UI problems, touch screen to sensitive



I don't get it; you rate the audio quality, design, value and battery life pretty highly, but you gave it a 1 star?
I am not sure but I think these review details bars are not functioning correctly, I had similar problem with my mini Koss KSC75 review.
I question the validity of these claims...
This DAP is a quality device that has fixed many of the issues you've cited through FW updates.
First time I see someone not giving into this DX50 hype or any other hype and a writing a review about it here in headfi, can you just accept his review or haven't any of you gone to the DX50 appreaciation thread and read about all its issues?
you love this device with all its problems, he does not, deal with it!
hmm are all these issues still present in the current, most up to date firmware? I don't own one, but I was considering buying one. I read around and some people say that they fixed a lot of the issues in the newer firmwares, if this isn't the case then I'm not sure whether it would be a good purchase or not.
1 star is just too harsh. This DAP has bugs but is not bad at all.
I have the utmost respect for DigitalFreak, for being honest and sharing his experience.
Sony  NWZ-ZX1 Freak???
I do not agree with your opinion. I have this DAP too and I recognize that the interface is not so good and the touch is too sensitive.
Anyway my tracks are all properly tagged and the DX50 has no problem with any files I have. So I think that maybe you library has some problem or maybe your sd (?).
I don't which firmware you have but with 1.2.5 everything works well. Furthermore describing it's wonderful sound "decent" it's a nonsense, because the sound quality is excellent, specially for a less than 250$. This is a great sounding DAP with a not perfect (but still improvable) UI. 
Just an FYI... this review was written before the v1.2.8 (Jan 26, 2014) firmware was released, which fixed several bugs and improved the sound quality.  iBasso is currently on firmware v1.5.0 (June 24, 2014).  There are also several custom firmware versions available which can greatly enhance the sound quality.  For under $300 new or around $200 used, it's a great beginner level option for people looking to move away from iPods.
None of the cons are still valid with the last firmware. And with Rockbox or Sound Unlock FW, ths player is just perfect.
Well, if it helps to balance out the criticisms of your review...I too have USB connection problems. Am sending back to China to see if they can sort it out.