iBasso DX100 Reference DAP Reviews

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the wizard of oz

Best sound quality I've heard so far, let alone on a DAP!


Pros: The sound quality! Powerful amplifier, with an appreciated 3-steps gain-switch

Cons: Battery life certainly could be better, but the sound quality you get makes up for that disadvantage.

  A bit of background: I'm coming from using Sony MiniDisc Walkmans, Hi-MD specifically, with their ability to play full CD-quality LPCM, and providing true gap-less playback, aside a sound quality that is way above that of iPods and other typical MP3 players -and I have tried a few of those. My musical library just keeps growing, the price per 1GB Hi-MD MiniDisc just isn't competitive any more, and lugging around many discs isn't always convenient, so I'd been on the look-out for a replacement for my Hi-MD Walkmans, and ideally even an upgrade in sound quality, since from using Sony MDR-EX90SL's I'd upgraded to the Audio-Technica W5000's.   I'd considered the iMod at one...
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Excellent Sound Quality, Fimware 1.2.7


Pros: Superior Sound Quality, Simple UI, Excellent Design, Very Powerful Internal Amp, Great Value, and did i mention the Sound Quality ???

Cons: Battery life could be lengthened a bit more, issues with songs randomly skipping,

Owned a variety of DAC's DAP/sources, Cowon J3, Hisound Studio 3rd Anniversary, Dacport LX, HRT Music Streamer II+, Sony Walkman Z. The DX100 completely blows them all away with it's reference quality sound, and it's ability to drive Power Hungry Headphones.

Warning , after reading this review, you'r gonna hate your old DAP


Pros: SQ...SQ...SQ

Cons: Bugs everywhere,up, down...

  So after some long waiting I finally received my Ibasso DX100. Its the first DAP from Ibasso, and I think it has done  a very good one. I will not review the SQ of the DX100, not until I get it burned for some  time, for now I will talk about the UI . Its an android gingerbread in its simplest form. The Screen is, well lets say its adequate, but not build for video, reading your emails or surfing, as it made my eyes soar after couple of minutes (as coming from the Galaxy Note with is SAMOLED and the Sony Z). It has a good, no, brilliant music player, sound wise. But it has many, many bugs and one of the main it hangs/stalls a lot. Where as the Poweramp player...
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