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A Review On: iBasso DX100 Reference DAP

iBasso DX100 Reference DAP

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Pros: Clarity, Details, Sound Stage, Power, Storage, EQ, 24 Bit Music

Cons: Battery (3.5 Hours) Due to EQ and Hi Resolution (24 Bit) Music

Placed an order for this player with the goal of getting great sound, power, storage in one player! Got it some months later and boy the sound was awesome from the minute I heard it. The more I heard it (burn in) the better it sounded. Clear, detailed and sound stage is the best I ever heard in a portable player. Very powerful which is also important to me because I do not want to be walking with alot of things in my pockets or hand. As of now not easy to create my play list but i have not even really tried cause I love the sounds from this player. The issues with the Android and Wifi I do not care at all cause I never use it and I do not plan to. I also love the EQ! Bass was pounding when I didnt use the EQ and now the bass pounds so hard.

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How long does it take to burn in?