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A Review On: iBasso DX100 Reference DAP

iBasso DX100 Reference DAP

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Pros: Remarkable SQ, plenty of power, plays pretty much any format

Cons: not cheap, buggy software, shortish battery life

Bought as part of my upward spiral into high quality portable audio. I wanted something to surpass my Cowon J3 and the DX100 certainly achieves that.


The sound quality is better than anything I've ever heard. This is not, of course, an exhaustive list, nor do I have any home audio to compare with. I'm not really an audiophile but I listen to 2-3 hours a day while I commute. With this and my ACS T1 custom IEMs, the rest of the world just vanishes into the background. It's just as well I get off at the end of the line or I'd miss my stop every day.


The interface has not been well received, but coming from a J3, it's certainly no worse, and as someone who's been using Android for a while now, I found it pretty straightforward. I'm getting about 8 hours battery life, which is safe for two days of my use, but does mean I need to charge much more often than the J3. 


How good this would be for you depends on what you want. My only need is to listen to good quality music, one album at a time, for as long as my journey takes. The DX100 has given me more pleasure whilst fulfilling my simple needs that I thought possible. It wasn't cheap, but I've found it to be worth every penny.


NIce little write up!
Why do you put that your not an audiophile when you strive to have the best sound ing equipment and you say how you drift away! Sound audiophile to me so don't put yourself down!
AS the price is ridiculously more than the J3 how much of an improvement really is it?
Fair comment, I think I may be creeping into audiophile territory....
It is a lot more than the J3 and I think it's rather difficult to put an object figure or price on the difference.
A year ago I was listening to J3 with Shure 535 IEMs with custom tips. In terms of improvement per pound going from the 535s to ACS T1s seemed a bigger improvement than from J3 with T1s to DX100 with T1s.
If forced to choose, I'd pick the J3 with T1s over DX100 with 535s, it seems more spacious and much bassier, which I prefer; but less balanced across the frequency range; but it probably depends what you listen to.
BY the sounds of things you are as much as me anyway, it does not necessary mean that you right 5000 word reviews and the likes just that you love accurate audio which by the sounds of thing you do otherwise you would have an iPod touch with some Beats by Dre :P
Fair enough that makes sense, well glad your enjoying it and it seems like you have a few nice set ups! Ive been wanting to try the SE535s for a while i may have to get round to getting a pair some time! Theres so much i want :L