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Warning , after reading this review, you'r gonna hate your old DAP

A Review On: iBasso DX100 Reference DAP

iBasso DX100 Reference DAP

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Pros: SQ...SQ...SQ

Cons: Bugs everywhere,up, down...


So after some long waiting I finally received my Ibasso DX100.
Its the first DAP from Ibasso, and I think it has done  a very good one.
I will not review the SQ of the DX100, not until I get it burned for some  time, for now I will talk about the UI .
Its an android gingerbread in its simplest form. The Screen is, well lets say its adequate, but not build for video, reading your emails or surfing, as it made my eyes soar after couple of minutes (as coming from the Galaxy Note with is SAMOLED and the Sony Z).
It has a good, no, brilliant music player, sound wise. But it has many, many bugs and one of the main it hangs/stalls a lot. Where as the Poweramp player behaves completely the opposite. It is fast detects all the ID-tags correctly (which the stock player doesn't and even doesn't show the Album covers) Album art covers are shown in Poweramp, names , titles all are correctly labeled, and it sounded excellent, so If you hate the lag and are frustrated with all the bugs of the main stock music player, you have the Poweramp option, but take note as the kernel of this version of android is limited to 16/44.1, whereas the DX100 player, bypass this limitation to play true 192/24, and what a sound. A Head-fi member (spkrs01) found a way to fix the Album covers for the stock player, but this is only a temp fix, and this and many bugs  or missing features should be addressed by Ibasso, as a DAP made mainly/solely for music should fix these basic bugs.
If you want a media player (a complete package as with a video player, photo viewer, browser.etc...the Sony Z or even the Cowon J3/Ipod is a much better option).
Sorry to tell you , but the DX100 is only a pure , magnificent music player, and that's all. The Sound by time is changing, opening...but this is for later.
Ibasso should release a manual (at least a downloadable version) for its stock player as for how to change the chines written menus, that can not be changed!
Many might face this problem with multiple language settings. First open the keyboard, then keep pressing the Chinese character button in the Left side of the keyboard until a menu pops , 2 options select input method and android keyboard settings, chose the select input method, you will have 2 options, a Chinese written option and the android keyboard, chose the android keyboard..voila. but for my language fonts are still showing the English fonts, although I changed it to the other language .
What is most irritating , as I have seen in the threads, as for me. why the +/- volume rocker stops working when the screen is locked???? Whats the use of this volume key? this is the first android that had this  strange bug, and when you change the volume the volume indicator that pops on the screen, freezes all other touch functions and you have to wait until it disappears..So you see it has lots and lots of bugs, but what makes up for all of this is the SQ, and what an SQ....Continued


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