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2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Guide (Portable Devices)

  Introduction Head-Fi Meets Don't Forget the Music Over-Ear In-Ear Wireless Gaming Amps & Other Gear Summit-Fi Power Corner Headphone Cables Desktop Audio Portable Devices Computer Audio         iDevice DACs These last couple of years we've seen the emergence and refinement of iDevice DAC products. These devices allow you to take the music digitally and... read more

2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (Portable Amps, DACs, & DAPs (Music Players))

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Portable Headphone Amps and DACs   ALO Audio Rx MK3-B, Ray Samuels Audio SR-71B and F-35 Lightning   TYPE: Balanced portable headphone amps PRICE: $649.00 (Rx MK3-B), $650.00 (SR-71B), F-35 price to be announced URL: www.aloaudio.com and www.raysamuelsaudio.com It seems there are infinite choices now, when it comes to portable headphone amplifiers. For driving even... read more

2013 Head-Fi Winter Gift Guide (Portable Amps, DACs, & DAPs)

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Fostex HP-A4 Written by Jude Mansilla   The Fostex HP-A4 fills a chasm between the Fostex HP-A3, a simple, bus-powered USB DAC, and the technology-packed powerhouse of a USB DAC/amp that is Fostex's flagship HP-A8C.   Like the HP-A3 (which I've carried around so much it looks like it's been through wars), the HP-A4 is USB bus-powered--that means no power adapter is needed. That's where the resemblance ends, though, because I think the HP-A4 is not so much... read more