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Hifiman HM-601

A Review On: HM-601 Music Players

HM-601 Music Players

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Pros: Very warm sound

Cons: Bulky, Bulky

Very nice player, it is my second favorite DAP.

But will be my best player if I update it with RockBox, and that's if we have a stable version!!!


Are you buying everything I have lol. :)
You have this! I really did not know, I love you...................
Yea really great DAP, I love mine... BUT I was using a Zune HD [which is really the SMOOOTHEST UI in all of existance] so the buggy and SLOW ui was not a + for me... but as soon as I heard it... and it sounded AMAZING... I loved it and forgot all about that buggy ui :D, and it does drive my 250 ohm dt 880s very nicely ^^, although e.e this + my cMoy BB makes for a THICK an Chunk combo lol
Still great DAP, and I paid 1/2 for mine used :D