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A Review On: HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2

HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2

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Pros: Abundant and punchy bass yet balanced and impressive mids/highs, comfort, microphonics, sharp looks

Cons: Bass may be fatiguing for some, wrong earbuds if you want 100% true fidelity

One word summary: FUN

To be honest, I had never heard of HiSoundAudio before I stumbled on these.  I'm very happy with my Klipsh X10's and Sennheiser IE8's, but I'm always looking for new and unique flavors of earbuds and these Wooduo2's caught my attention.  I don't consider myself a bass-head but I enjoy a little extra on the low end; all the reviews on these HiSounds were praising the bass, spotted a new pair of these for $80 and took a chance.

I've been using these IEMs for a couple weeks, and I haven't even looked at my IE8's or X10's.  I appreciate accurate reproduction and instrument separation as much as the next audiophile, but sometimes the typical flat/natural hifi sound can become...predictable, almost.  These wooden devils remind you why you first got into music in the first place...FUN  The bass is as good as advertised...depth, range, punch, balance, everything you want on the low end from a pair of earbuds.  In my opinion, this is the most bass you can provide and still have a balanced and enjoyable experience.   10% stronger and I'm not sure I would like them as much.

I listen to everything save country/pop, all genres are interesting on these Wooduo2's, but electronic, dance, hip hop, and R&B really shine through these bad boys.  I must have said "wow" a dozen times when I first plugged them in and browsed through my library.

They are very comfortable, they seal well and easily (for my ears), the microphonics are very good even without the clip, the cable is tangle resistant, the build quality feels solid.

Really the only negative thing I could say about these is that the bass might actually be too awesome.  I like bass and I consider these borderline-fatiguing bass.  Klipsch X10s you can listen to dawn to dusk and forget they're there (besides the horrible microphonics, but that's another review), these HiSounds, I dunno maybe not.  These are not for everyone.  

If you listen to mostly hip-hop and/or R&B, do yourself a favor and skip the Fashion Statement By Dre products and pick up a pair of these.  These still look awesome and they sound three times as good for a third of the price.  Don't follow the herd.

Now if you listen to mostly electronic music (like me), congratulations, you just found your new favorite earbuds :D

Incredible value for the price, highly recommended.

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I'm very suspicious about this review as the reviewer wrote it the same day he became a member and then never visited again. Also the reviewer has't written a single other post, and his profile is completely empty.
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