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HiSoundAudio Studio V

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Pros: Detailed & musical

Cons: Slight Hiss with sensative IEM's

Here we have quite an amazing little player. Built like a tank, small enough to fit in shirt pocket, simple stylish design. Sound is where this guy excels, very detailed musical fast. Takes flac files which i love, also you can add to its storage also as it accepts memory cards.

My only real gripe, well two really but 1st one is probably my fault as i dont know how to navigate through its UI properly, but only issue I find as I use Sensitive Custom IEM's is that I hear some Hiss when no Music. But this is not a deal breaker....If this gets fixed in a firmwear update then Jack would have a Monster PLayer.......


I've heard a lot of complaints about the UI. Is it really that bad?
Well it can be a lot better, put it that way. Plus You obviously have to work out how to navigate your way around it.
Guess Im not that good at it....Probably spoilt be easy ipod ui.
The UI hasn't changed since the AMP3 Pro1/2 days. It's slightly less frustrating over the S:Flo2/Teclast 51 DAPs, but still frustrating to say the least. IMO, the iPod had and still have the best UI in a DAP.