HiSoundAudio Studio V


Pros: Detailed & musical

Cons: Slight Hiss with sensative IEM's

Here we have quite an amazing little player. Built like a tank, small enough to fit in shirt pocket, simple stylish design. Sound is where this guy excels, very detailed musical fast. Takes flac files which i love, also you can add to its storage also as it accepts memory cards.

My only real gripe, well two really but 1st one is probably my fault as i dont know how to navigate through its UI properly, but only issue I find as I use Sensitive Custom IEM's is that I hear some Hiss when no Music. But this is not a deal breaker....If this gets fixed in a firmwear update then Jack would have a Monster PLayer.......

HiSoundAudio Studio V

From the moment you tear open your package with the Hisoundaudio Studio-V inisde you will be taken back by the effort in creating a wonderfully attractive player down to the last detail - even the packaging is 'premium'. The Studio-V itself is a sturdy piece of kit, it's robust and well-constructed. As this is a dedicated audio device Hisoundaudio haven't included a big AMOLED screen, they have stuck in a small but wonderfully clear OLED monochrome screen. It does it's job and it does it well - no birds flying across this screen, it simply shows the song and player information.

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