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Pros: Sound quality, Design

Cons: User interface, Battery life

First, I'd like to say that this player is easily the best sounding source I've ever owned.  I used to have an iPod Classic which was much more convenient but far from sounding as good as the RoCoo P.  If you're not into sound quality that much, I'd say that you'd better buy an Ipod with good headphones because the RoCoo P is so good sounding that it needs the best cans out there (which I don't have yet besides my top tier iems). 


Audio Quality


Although very compact, it delivers impressive sound quality.  The sound is very clear, powerful bass and clear treble and midrange.  Unlike other players, you can not really talk about warmth here.  But I didn't want any color in the sound anyway.  I wanted my DAP to be on the analytic side.  If I want warmth, then I'll take warm sounding headphones or a tube amp but to me, this is not the role of the player. 


I listen to my RoCoo with Vsonic GR07 iems, Hisound Audio POP iems and Superlux HD330 full size headphones (which is awesome for the price).  With the Vsonic, I have a very good portable setup for noisy environment like train or busy street.  The only complain I have with this setup is the hiss that I can hear sometimes despite the 50 ohms impedance of my GR07.  However, the hiss depends more on the recording than on the player (most of my music doesn't have any hiss issue).

I use the POP iems (which seems to be the new name for the POPO's) to listen to folk, hip-hop and electro.  I like the amount of bass and the warmth these iems deliver from the player.

At home, I use the Superlux HD330 because it's semi-open and it's able to reproduce soundstage very well with the RoCoo P.

Overall, sound quality is the best thing about this player.


Design and durability


I have no complain about the design of the player.  It's not as pretty as an iPod but the plexi and brushed aluminum covering is far better than the shiny aluminum back of my iPod Classic.  In fact, I carry it in the pocket of my jeans all the time without any pouch or sleeve and there is no scratch yet.  The finish is quite good and the player in itself is very tough.  It fell several times on the ground from more than a meter high and nothing happened.  No bump and it works as well as before.  Now, I'm not able to tell if it will work as well in the years to come but it feels pretty solid to me and it's quite light too (much lighter than an iPhone for instance).


Battery Life


It's certainly not the best point of this wonderful player.  It lasts about 8 to 10 hours in play, depending what type of file you play but to me it's far enough.  I just charge it every 2 or 3 days.  In fact, it lasts longer than my smartphone that I'm used to charge every night.  No big deal for me here.


User Interface


Don't expect something like an iPod or even any other UI from a big brand like Samsung, Sony or even Cowon.  It is very basic but once again, I can handle that and the sound quality is so good that it makes me forget this point.


Overall, I'm very happy of my purchase.  It can handle any kind of music very well and that's exactly what I needed.  And a big thank you to Jack Fu of HiSound Audio for his great availability.


Here are some pictures of the beast bigsmile_face.gif


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