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Pros: Dominates everything! Sound Quality is superb! Beautiful Solid Design

Cons: Battery life(10 hours+-), Basic User interface


Hi there folks! 

This is my first time writing a review, so I hope you guys can bear with me :) 

Firstly I would like to thank Jack Fu for the amazing Rocoo P DAP. I got it posted to my house 1 week after I order it. If it is not due to the holiday in his country I would have got it earlier. But it is nothing to complain about.


The Rocoo P is one of the most powerful DAP in the audiophile market. And when you purchase one of these, music is really the only focus; they have no games, no apps, and not even the basics app like clock or etc; this thing plays music and that is it!



Image of the shiny beautiful Hisoundaudio Rocoo P



The Hisoundaudio Rocoo P is one of the most powerful audiophile Digital Audio Player (DAP) in the market. It can work well with a wide range of earphones, from the IEMs to full size headphone. (YES! It really can drives headphones!) With the built-in strong amplifier reted 50mW power output, you can forget about the amp you are having now. 


With a slim body, strong power, stylish appearance, wonderful music production and reasonable price, all these merits makes the Hisoundaudio Rocoo P an excellent DAP for the Audiophiles.



Earphone amplifier: Hisound's proprietory HIFI amplifier

Frequency response: 10Hz-21kHz

Sensitivity (dB): 105dB

Impedance: 32 Ohm

Power-handling: 80mW peak/ 5mW rated

S/N: 96dB

Memory capacity: 4GB Internal memory + expanding Micro SD card slot

Card compatibility: Micro SD, SDHC

Battery capacity: 600Ma rechargeable Li-ion battery

Battery continually playing time: >10hours (Volume set at 3 degree)

Propriety power saving technology: EMA Technology (Energy management and Admeasurement Technology)

The analog signal output: HDMS circuit design, whic can supply high quality music sources to the external earphone amplifier or home amplifier

Compatible formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AAC

ScreenL 1 inch OLED

Colors available: Brushed black

UI operation: Mechanical key button operation (one-hand and blind operation capacity)

USB type: mini USB 2.0

Dimension: 81.85mm L x 50mm W x 20.65 (MM)

Weight: 110g



So, as I unbox the Rocoo P package, there is a black layer which has the Rocoo P embedded in the middle of it. To pull out the Rocoo P,  you would just need to pull the black ribbon on top of the DAP. Well, you are also going to see a user manual, a VIP card and a warranty card as you remove the black layer. Note that most of them are written in chinese, but you do not need to worry as it is really easy to learn to use them. Pretty simple user interface. Next, you will also see 3 boxes in Rocoo P package. This bottom left one contains the Hisoundaudio PAA-1 earbud, which has a cheap housing and awful looking, but 

at the price of USD20, it sounds pretty good so it is nice to have one as extra. Well I am not going to talk about this earbud now. On the bottom right box, contains the USB adapter , which can be connected with the mini USB cord in the upper box. 

The USB cord helps sync/charge the Rocoo P.


Build Quality:

The Rocoo P is best constructed DAP I have ever seen. The outer body of the Rocoo P is made of CNC aluminum, which makes it very sturdy. Design is quite gorgeous, classic and retro, especially under the lights with sides made out of brushed aluminium. Housing is sold enough to withstand any pressure exerted on it. However, as you can see, a housing like it will definitely make you leave your fingerprints everywhere on it. So consistent cleaning should be done to make sure the DAP shines beautifully.


Sound Quality:

Okay, the sound is where this thing shines. So, let's see what can this USD179 DAP do? 

Well for me, it sounds marvelous! Some has even said that this performs better than the Zune and Cowon DAPs.

If you look at the EQ, there are a few options (Nature, Rock, Jazz,Classical ,Pop) but I would stick to Nature as it gives the best sound signature, at least for me. 


Lows- The lows can make great impacts down to 10Hz (You can feel it), and the mid-bass is also noticeably good. Point of attack, is incredibly strong and punchy. Besides punchy, it can be boomy as well, depending on the track played. Basically they just fulfilling what the track asks for. They are well-controlled and always be there whenever they need to be. 


Mids-  Despite of the great bass delivered, the Rocoo P has not fail in providing the crazily clear mids. For this, I would like to give this DAP a two thumbs up!!!  The great  jaw-dropping mids and the extraordinary clarity is the reason behind that makes this DAP a powerful, dangerous and threatening opponent to the Zune and Cowon. Besides, I bet you will get to hear the sound that you have never heard before in your player!


High- One word - Energetic.  They sounds real and intimate vocals (females) are well presented.  The highs are very smooth and extended.


Soundstage- Soundstage is huge, transparent and airy in this DAP. It feels as if you are listening to live performance, where you can actually estimate the distance between the musicians. Yes, it has fantastic and top-notch instrument separation. And it brings you to the world of music where you can enjoy 3-Dimension music! 



Battery life:

Nothing is perfect, and same thing goes to this Rocoo P.One thing that I am dissapointed with this Rocoo P is its suprisingly short battery life. As an audiophile player, I was expecting it to be at least 1-day of playback time but guess what? It has only 10 hours of playback time. And charging it fully would take me about 3-4 hours (not sure if it is my Rocoo P, or all the Rocoo P), so I think the Hisoundaudio company should come up with some ways to improve this. 



Conclusion-  Now, for the price of USD179, in which part of Audiophile market, can you get such a great player ?! Frankly speaking, I would not hesitate to buy even if the price of this is triple of it's price! These are really for Audio nerds who wants to hear every single notes and instruments in every single song they listen. For casual listeners, these can be a fun player too! Great impact but well-controlled bass, clear mids and energetic highs and wide soundstage. Forget about the DAP you are holding now, GET THIS!

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Interesting rating, 5 stars.
I'd say you're absolutely right, but only relative to it's price. The sound quality is so good on this thing, but the UI is well, non-existent. But I don't mind it, just have all the albums, and songs in the right folders. And ofcourse rename all the songs so that the artists name isn't in the title otherwise the song title won't show in the tiny screen.
I also bought a 32 GB SD-card for 30 euros, so under 200 usd I have a 36 GB player, with fantastic sound quality that plays all formats (so far) with great detail and punch.