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HiSoundAudio RoCoo P

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Pros: Amazing sound quality, small and sleek, decent battery life

Cons: Front and back of the device gets easily scratched, UI


Hi Head-Fiers!

I am pretty new to this community but have been making unboxing and review videos here on my YouTube Channel:

TechSpotJapan Youtube 


I recently purchased a RoCoo-P and would like to use this space to post a review.


First, here are the basic scores that I give for each category:


Build Quality     : 8/10

Sound Quality   : 9/10

Design             : 8/10

UI                    : 5/10


Overall             : 8/10

First Impressions

Out of the box, the sound that the RoCoo-P felt un-natural to me. It felt like the sound was tampered with in some way, such as an EQ.

So I checked the EQ settings, but it was set to nature, which I assume is the flat setting of this device. And since this was my first Non-iPod experience, the UI felt old.

These impressions has changed after using the device for a while. That is why I have decided to write up the review now.


Build Quality - 8/10

The devices main body is made out of metal which I assume is aluminum. It feels and is sturdy. All the ports also feel sturdy and feels like it will never break.

Now your probably thinking, "Why did you give a 8/10 instead of a 10/10?"

The -2 went to the front and back of the device.

It is very shiny and attractive, but is also a finger print magnet, and easily scratched.

I use my devices as if it was a baby. But it got scratched when putting it in the case I carry the RoCoo-P. It slightly touched the zipper of the case which created some scratches on the back.

I was pretty sad when I found this.


Sound Quality - 9/10

In my initial impressions I told you that it sounded un-natural, but my impressions has changed after using this device for a while. Did it burn in? or did my ears(brains) burn in? I am not sure, but what I can say is I am very happy with the sound now.

Compared the the iPod video(5g) that I own, it has a lot of energy and punch. But is also quiet when it needs to be.


The bass on this device is great. Lots of clarity and impact. Which might be one of the reasons the sound is energetic.


The Mids are amazing! Male/Female vocals are not getting muddled by the lows, and has lost of clarity. I hear sound that I have never heard on other devices.


I think I'm saying great or amazing for the Bass and Mids. But this goes the same for the Highs as well. The Highs sparkle but is not too harsh. They do not hurt your ears and are easy to listen to. This is also another aspect of making the sound exciting.

Sound stage

For a portable device, I would say that the sound stage is pretty broad. Of course it depends on the IEM's or Cans you use, but even if you listen to the same song on the iPod, the iPod sounds like its just ringing around your ear, where the RoCoo-P gives you an more spicy sound. The soundstage is broad but does not ruin the sound separation. Thanks the the broad sound stage and good sound separation, it sounds like your listening to the song in a live house or stage. 


Design - 8/10

This devices looks sexy. If you want the same sound quality with a iPod/iPhone, you basically need to strap a decent amp on it, and compared the that, it looks much sleeker and sexier.

This is kinda about the build quality, but the front and back were not that great, leaving design an 8.


UI - 5/10

This is probably one of this things I hate about the UI. I would say, it sucks.

Maybe because the I am used to iPods, but even after using the RoCoo for a while, I still think that there are many things that can be fixed. The UI is quite familiar with the SanDisk Sansa clip but no return button the the RoCoo, which confused me.


If you are a serious listener, or want more energy to your music. Or if you have an hi impedance headphone/IEM, I would say that this device is a buy! This devices sound amazing, and constantly keeps my head banging. I assume any device will sound better that an iPhone/iPod, but I personally think it sound better that an iPod amped, which is clunky compared to the small device.


Nice write up...
I also have just recently got my RoCoo-P, the sound compared to Ipod's (various versions), well it knocks them out of the park!, even with LOD into an amp, the RoCoo is a significant improvement. I'd be really interested to hear your inputs on the sound once you've run it in for 100-200 hours...they say it will help further. I'm definitely not getting the fatigue I used to from Ipods...
It will be interesting to watch what else comes out from these guys...they certainly have great design.
i always carry one in my bag... just to start a conversation with another buff in the bar. :P
LOL...yeah, beats talking about the current economic climate...
I'd also be interested to hear feedback on experiences with IEM's which one's seem to shine the far I'm really pleased with the SQ and would like to experiment with some different IEM's.
TemplarUK : Thanks for the comment and feedback on my review. I probably did about a 100 hours of burning in now, and the sound is still changing slightly. But I am pretty happy with the sound now. I am using the Future Sonics Atrio M5(MG7 drivers) and they sound amazing!
Lorspeaker : Really? this device starts a conversation? In japan, if I took this device out, they will just think im a geek...